October 25, 2009

Temporary guardian

My older sister flew to Moscow last Monday for work assignment and will return back to Malaysia only 3 months later. Until then, her cat has to live with us.

It's quite a transition for her since previously she lives alone in the apartment and now she has to meet a lot of cats in and around my house. 

Luckily Jesse is very easy to look after. Tak banyak songeh and so far tak berani keluar rumah lagi. The only problem is that she's afraid of the king of the house..

Budak gemuk ni.

She will hide herself whenever Chubby is in the house. Chubby pon agak curious dengan si Jesse ni. My dad said to me, Jaga Chubby nanti dia merajuk. Ye la tiba-tiba tengok ada Persian cat dalam rumah sure dia rase tercabar. hehehe...

How to make cats befriend each other eh?

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