January 3, 2011

Walking with Dinosaurs

Happy new year! And happy working to you... while I still get to enjoy my off days at home. :D

Anyway, new year aside, who would've thought that after 65 million years, the dinosaurs would be back?

Oh yes they did! Those extinct species came back to life in Singapore earlier last month, thanks to the Asian tour of Walking with Dinosaurs, a theatrical event based on the award-winning BBC TV series

Coincidentally, I was there for the Standard Chartered marathon, so we took the chance to watch it. As the ticket prices were in SGD, we bought the most economical seats available. Budgettt... hehehhe...

The show started with Huxley, the paleontologist, taking the audience through the 200 million years journey.

After the introduction, everybody went awwww when the stage suddenly changed colors. The beautiful inflatable trees and flowers were impressive.

Except for T-rex, I didn't really know dinosaurs' types before this, but now I do. Each time a new species of dino came out, I was introduced to a new type of dinosaur I never knew existed. 

First to make an entry was Plateosaurus. This dino was the first and best known of the early giant herbivores. 

One of the most easily-identifiable dinosaurs, due to its distinctive double row of kite-shaped plates rising vertically along its arched back was the Stegosaurus. The tail, with two pairs of long spikes extending horizontally near the end, made it one of the most dangerous weapons ever evolved by a herbivore.

Next up, was the Liliensternus, a lightly built carnivore and was the largest meat eater of its time.

Liliensternus attacking Stegosaurus.

Then, out came the biggest dinosaur of the show, the Brachiosaurus.

It stood over 10 metres high, was 22 metres long and weighed around 80 tonnes. Brachiosaurus was adapted to live on land, with similarities to a giraffe, browsing in treetops.

Brachiosaurus lovey-dovey moment


After the intermission, the fish-eating Ornithocheirus swooped in as the only flying reptile of the tour. 

Utahraptors eating the carcass of other dinosaur. 

the stage changed colors again. So beautiful! 

With its formidable horns and powerful, muscular body, Torosaurus was next to take the centre stage. One look at it, it was like a dinosaur version of a rhinoceros. 

Anyway, that's Huxley talking shit. hahaha.. 

He was showing to us how big the size of dinosaur's shit was like. Euwww!!!

Then, there was the Ankylosaurus. Large bony plates, with 2 pairs of sharp horns at the back of the head, and a large bony club tail was enough to protect this tank-like armoured dinosaur from big meat eaters.

Finally, guess who made an appearance? Each time she roared, the crowd cheered!

Why, it's the Tyrannosaurus Rex yo! One of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time. 

The baby T-rex was hilarious with him trying to imitate his mother's roar. Watch it in my video. It cracked the hell out of the audience.

This event was a documentary-performance of larger-than-life prehistoric creatures, filled with lotsa informations. For a dinosaur experience, it was definitely an enjoyable and thrilling one. Just don't set too high a hope for the show because in the end, Huxley was the only person that actually got to walk with the dinosaurs.


aziahmk said...

happy new year rara!!!! wahh show nih kt mana? best ni tgk dinosour...

rara said...

show tu kat singapore indoor stadium from 1-12 dec. kebetulan ada kat sg time tu. now dia tour hk pulak kalau tak silap.

Naqies said...

salam rara...akak ada send something via post ekspress last Tuesday ke alamat rumah rara..ada terima tak..takut missing in action aje...kalo ada terima let me know yaaa...Happy New Year adik