December 31, 2010

Reflections of 2010

I lost my passport last year in Hong Kong. As a punishment, my new passport is only valid for 2 years, albeit paying RM300 just like the 5 years validity normal passport.

So, to make full use of it, this is what I call revenge of the fallen passport.

#1 January : United Arab Emirates

#2 January : Oman

#3 March : Australia

#4 May : Singapore

#5 June : Russia

#6 June : Qatar

#7 August : Japan

#8 November : Qatar

#9 November : Turkey

#10 December : Singapore

I am officially broke and I have 0 annual leave balance. Don't ask me to go anywhere with you next year. *staying away from all airlines' websites*

The passport is expiring next year and I don't intend to renew it until my next business trip. This is strategy maa so I can save RM300 since it's claimable to the company. hahahaha...

This is shameful to admit but I haven't completed visiting all the states in Malaysia. So, until then, imma go cuti-cuti Malaysia. *waves to Borneo*

Can't believe I've traveled to so many places this year! Meeting all those nice people while I was traveling was truly a blessing for me. 

Other than that, in 2010:
I've ran the farthest, 25km during the Newton 25km Challenge KL. I missed the chance to run my maiden full marathon in PBIM but I guessed I'd better be well prepared before I'm ready to lose my virginity. hahahah ;p 

Work wise, I did myself proud by giving a presentation of the design concept of our new product in front of almost 200 people, which mostly comprised of the top management of the business sector, both from the HQ and the factory. And I was the 1st female from my division to be given that task. *pats own back*

Love wise, oh well... looks like all the frogs around me still don't wanna reveal their true self yet.

Oh... for 2 consecutive years, I failed to reach my target weight. Gah! Why is it so hard to reach 50kg?!? T_T

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my 2010. There were good memories, but there were some bad memories too. But who am I to complain? You win some, you lose some. C'est la vie.

Let's just hope we have a great year ahead.


June Malik said...

memang tak leh lawan your travelling .. have a wonderful 2011 rara, may you find the right frog too hehee , and what is your weight now? hope it gaining to 50k and not turun to 50k cos u r so skinny oredi u know .. keep in touch and stay you ..hugs , kisses and love !

rara said...

kak june, 2011 dah tak boleh travel macam ni lagi dah. sob sob..
aiyoo my weight now above 50kg la. tensen tau tengok dia taknak turun. :(

My name starts with M said...

interesting!!! (as always)


happy new year Mun!

rara said...

thanks mas! happy new year to u too! :)

June Malik said...

honestly, i think u look great as you are now, nanti kurus sangat tak cantik laa ..

Fiza Azmi said...

wow mun!! best giler tengok ko travel! keep it up babe, nanti kalau turn aku to visit pulak (entah bila) boleh consult dengan ko, can?

anyway, referring to this-->"looks like all the frogs around me still don't wanna reveal their true self" hehe...don't fret it mun, mereka akan muncul satu hari nanti jua..keep lookin' ok!

rara said...

pijot: no prob.. bila2 boleh consult. aku kan travel agent.. hahahhaa... amin. hopefully one day jumpa la putera katak tu. :p