December 13, 2010

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010

This is by far, my most fun and biggest run ever!

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is one of the largest marathon in the world and for this edition, there were 60000 participants! O_o

The 42km full marathon category attracted 16000 runners. Wow!!! That alone surpassed the total runners of Standard Chartered KL Marathon. The 21km half marathon saw 19000 runners while the 10km category recorded the highest number of participants with 21000 runners and the rest were made up of the kids dash participants.

And being a big marathon, it certainly attracted a lot of overseas runners, including yours truly.

To cater for the big number of runners, all 3 categories started at different places. Full marathon started at the glittering Orchard Road, 10km started in front of the Esplanade and 21km started at the most exciting point, the Sentosa Island! Woot woot!

My sister, her friends and I all took part in different categories so we were on separate destinations.

runners thronged the MRT at Harbour Front station

Sentosa Bridge

Started the run at 6.30am and it was a fun run around Sentosa Island. Passed by all the attractions, the beaches and the moment all the 21km runners had been waiting for...

we entered and ran around Universal Studios Singapore yo!

Saw Shrek and joined the queue (yeah runners stopped and queued to take pictures with him!), but not long after, he walked away. And other characters made their appearances. 

Puss in Boots

As it was my first time visiting USS, I took my own sweet time inside there taking pictures. hahahaha... I didn't care about making a PB anymore, I just wanna have fun!!!  

Battlestar Galactica

Ancient Egypt

The Lost World



It was definitely a fun 9km run around Sentosa Island and USS. After that, we went out of Sentosa and headed to the city.

But right after the 10km water station, I suffered leg cramp. It was quite frustrating as I had a great run prior to that and I hadn't had cramp for a while already.

So I just brisk walked my ass off along the Nicoll Highway, East Coast Parkway, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer, enjoying what the lion city had to offer.

From the 17km mark, this was the point where the 10km, half and full marathon runners converged. So, just imagine the traffic! The sub-5 hours full marathoners were shouting to make way for them, as most 21km and 10km runners (or should I say walkers) were blocking their way.

From 3 different starting points, all runners headed to one finishing line...

at St Andrew's Road, The Padang. 

My official finishing time was 3:17. Not bad, considering I camwhored in USS and walked the last 11km.


Oh finally I could have picture with Shrek, and Fiona too...


thanks to the photo booth by Resorts World Sentosa. They even gave me a free polaroid picture of this! Yeay!

medal - frontview

medal - backview

Looks like I will be going to Singapore again in December 2011, definitely gonna register myself for next year's race!


aziahmk said...

wahhhh...bestnya marathon dlm USS, diorg closed ke USS for that day?

rara said...

tak sure pulak. but i think by 10am USS open runners semua dah clear kot.. sebab kitorang start lari 6.30am.

Axiao said...

noway, free entry to USS!!!
I wanna run next year too!

rara said...

axiao: but maybe next year they change the route who knows.. hopefully not!