November 10, 2010

Western Australia : Swan Valley & Caversham Wildlife Park

I started to miss the South West as soon as we arrived in Perth. So I decided to reminisce about the trip by going to Swan Valley.

This region, located about 30 minutes away from Perth, is an alternative to Margaret River. There are wineries, chocolate factories, beer breweries, fresh fruit places and lots of eateries. Totally a different scenery from the city. 

But mind you, the public transportation here is rather difficult. It is better to get someone to drive you here or just rent a car. Nadia actually wanted to drive me there but she had to cancel it at the last minutes as she had to settle some stuffs.

So, I took a train to Guildford. The visitor centre is just a few hundred metres from the train station. Armed with the maps I got and some tips from the friendly staffs, I started my walk.

Some of the attractions were quite far, but I had no choice. I walked almost 10km to and fro. Luckily I've started joining all those running events. So, I kept on telling myself, if I could finish a half marathon, this 10km walk was just a stroll in the park. hahahah...

At some point, when I couldn't stand the hot weather, I stopped and waited for cabs, but there were none! Like seriously. People really don't come here by public transport. T_T

One of my stop was Sandalford Winery, one of the most popular wineries here.

Then I headed to the famous Margaret River Chocolate Factory. See, I told ya. This place is a replica of Margaret River. Even the chocolate company is here. Bought a dozen of chocolates as souvenirs to bring back to Malaysia. Didn't buy any in Margaret River previously as I was afraid the chocolate would melt during the roadtrip.

It took a great deal of time to drag my feet out of the factory. Well, who could resist their free chocolate tasting? Not me of course! But I better get out of there fast before I put on any more weight.

Next, say hello to Caversham Wildlife Park.

The public bus dropped me and 2 other girls on the main road.


After we passed by the Whiteman Park entrance, I saw a signboard that the Caversham Wildlife Park was actually 2km ahead. There supposed to be shuttle bus to ferry us inside but I didn't see any that day. So, again, I was left with no choice but walk. 

I walked together with the 2 girls. But halfway walking, they decided to turn back because they felt the park was way too far. But for me, it was just another stroll in the park. *pun intended*

I didn't see them inside the park later, so I guessed they cancelled the trip. Anyway, I walked cautiously, afraid that one of the animals on the signboard would say hi to me on the road.

There were lots of animals that I saw including birds, bats, reptiles and mammals. But my main aim coming here was to meet the kangaroos and koalas. Other than the one that we killed, I haven't really met this national symbol of Australia.

And how could you say you've been to Australia without meeting them? So, I wasted no time and headed excitedly towards the kangaroo section of the park.

This fella was very clever. He saw me snapping his picture.

I guessed he was a camwhore, loved being photographed. So, he hopped and hopped and hopped, coming closer to me.

Okay. 1...2...3... pose!

Say cheese!

awwwww.... comel gila okay! *heart melts*

The park provides a big bin full of food that you can scoop up by the handful to feed the animals.

I got a great chance to get up close and stroke them. Their fur was unbelievably soft to touch.

Off to the koala area, the keeper told me that I was lucky that day. Because their diet is so low in nutrition, the koalas spend up to 20 hours per day sleeping, and the rest, eating. And they've just woken up when I came. Hooreyy!!!

Such a cutie. Their fur was so soft, I felt like hugging a teddy bear. 

Met a wombat too.

Then I got to watch the sheep shearing.


After the shearing finished, they ran to hide themselves. So kesian okay seeing them all naked after being sheared. They must felt a little different from their mob.

It was fun to see all these animals up close. Being able to pet the kangaroos, koalas and wombat was worth the AUD22 I paid for the price of the ticket!

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