November 9, 2010

Western Australia Roadtrip: Finale

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Esperance - Hyden - Perth
Esperance is known for the crystal blue water and white beaches. Rai, Nadia's friend, also told us the same thing. And she kept on saying how she fell in love with Esperance and wants to go there for her honeymoon. So, I guess that place must be really goooooood! I mean, of course you wouldn't wanna go honeymoon at a crappy place aight? Or a so-so place.
And we totally have not been let down! Anyone thinking of coming to Western Australia MUST come here!
The beaches here are fantastic! Multiple that by 987654321!
Presenting you......
This is heaven on earth yo!
I also wanna honeymoon here!!!!
Our drive along the coastline of Esperance, the Great Ocean Drive, took us to some of the most amazing beaches we've ever seen. 
Endless beaches of powdery white sand, clear water laps up onto the shore, to a variety of shades of sea I don't have the words to describe. 
My T300 surely didn't do them justice, but I've done my best to capture them. Looking back at those pictures as I'm writing this entry sure makes my heart melt. I sooo wanna go back there!!!
We were so excited to see all the amazing beaches so we went further to Cape Le Grand National Park, 56km east of Esperance, as the area has a lot of beaches to boast about.
Ohai. I am Bard. 
Once in the national park, the predominant Frenchman Peak caught our eye, but there's a sign stated it was a two hour return journey to the top, so we decided to give it a miss.
The highlight of Cape Le Grand National Park has to be Lucky Bay, which had won the accolade of having the whitest sand in Australia.
It's so fine that it actually squeaks as you walk across it. As marketed in the glossy brochures, they say sometimes the kangaroos come here to sunbathe. Okay I didn't see any..
But... we killed one later. T_T
We were on our way to the Duke of Orleans Bay, I didn't feel good actually because the road was unsealed I almost suggested to Nadia that we turned back. But she insisted we kept on driving as it was already halfway to the destination.
It happened so fast, I didn't realize or notice how it actually happened. Just out of a sudden, I heard a loud BAMMM sound from my side. It was very loud I tell ya, in my mind that time I just thought, oh shoot.. there goes my bond. It was AUD500 dammit! Then only I turned to Nadia and she screamed, "I langgar kangaroo!". O_o
But we couldn't do anything... we couldn't stop and help the kangaroo, there's nothing we could do. So we just drove away. I felt so bad because it was like a hit and run case. Never in my life did I hit a cat or a dog. Everytime I see a cat's or dog's dead body by the roadside, I cursed whoever ran over them would get a bad karma. But sadly, that was the day I became a killer myself. Okay actually it wasn't me. Nadia was the driver that time.
Both of us were quiet for the rest of the journey as we were too shocked from the accident.
Anyway, here's Duke of Orleans Bay.
We have to agree, that Esperance truly does have the best beaches in Australia.  
We returned to the town and drove to the Great Ocean Drive again to catch the sunset.
The next morning, we visited the Tanker Jetty on the town foreshore. Seals and sea lions are often found around the jetty waiting to be fed. And we were lucky to spot one.
This is the famous Sammy the seal.
We left Esperance at around 11am. Esperance to Perth is about a 700km journey, meaning it would take roughly eight hours.
We diverted from our initial plan. We ditched Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie as I wasn't that interested in mining field. We chose to return back to Ravensthorpe and then went up to visit the famous Wave Rock in Hyden.
Wave Rock was impressive! It’s amazing what the forces of nature can do to relatively soft rock.
They can turn it into odd ball-crater things:
Or even into huge surf-wave objects:
We actually had one more day before we were due to return the campervan, meaning we could overnight in Hyden.

But we decided to just return to Perth that same day, and zonked out at home.
And that concluded my 2000km journey around south of Western Australia. Truly a memorable trip. If I have the chance, I'd definitely love to do it again. Or maybe next time, I'll go up north to Exmouth.
Anyone wants to follow?


fatt said...

u tak ke pinnacles desert ye..i ingt u leaving tomorrow, but things changed, had to w/draw nz this time..burn that tix, sad T___T

takpelah, been to nz 2x already, enuff i just ke perth, nk ke pinnacles kali ni..

rara said...

fatt: i pegi pinnacles.. tapi belum tulis lagi.. sebab tu roadtrip lain. hehe..
aiks.. kenapa tak jadi pergi nz? so u lama la kat perth? anyway, enjoy ur trip!