November 11, 2010

Western Australia : The Pinnacles & Lancelin

Nadia's foster family was super nice to me. They took care of me like a family even though I was a total stranger! Been sleeping, eating, watching TV etc in their house like my own. Seriously, I didn't know what I did in the past to deserve such hospitality.
Coincidentally, their relatives from Singapore also came to visit while I was there. Other than Margaret River, they planned to bring them to visit the Pinnacles desert. Nadia also planned with her friends to bring me there.
So we combined the plan and went together. 

The Pinnacles are to be found in Nambung National Park, a 3 hour drive from Perth.
 family and friends
My jaw almost dropped in awe and amazement hit me as we began to wander through the maze, marvelling at Mother Earth's handy work.
These rock formations are millions of years old. Basically, what happened was due the erosion of rocks and soil. The softer rocks disappeared, and the harder rocks stayed. Thus, leaving behind the form of, you guessed it, pinnacles!
They are of different shapes; some are jagged, some are sharp-edged columns, and some of them resemble tombstones. There's thousands of them which rise from the yellow sands and look like something from a science fiction movie. You know, like in a Star Wars movies.

Somehow or rather, the entire place gave me a sombre and mildly eerie feeling. Maybe because of the tombstone-like rocks.

We learned from people in the area that the best time to see these Pinnacles was at sunrise, or sunset. But we were there in the afternoon. Too bad. Well actually it wasn't bad at all... as long as we managed to visit this place, I was already more than happy.


Entrance to the park is AUD11 per car and you can drive around the set loop. The drive is about 3.5km and there are several parking places so you can stop and take pictures.
My advice: if you're coming to Perth, do visit the Pinnacles desert! If you don't, you are missing out on a truly magnificent sight!
On our way back, we stopped at Lancelin.  

If you have a sand board, this is the place to use it! If not, they can be hired from the local shop in town. We hired the board for less than AUD10 and had a lot of fun!

Here, you can sand board down the massive 45 degree angle dunes. 

Only problem was there was no chair lifts to take us all the way back up! T_T

penat woo nak daki bukit ni
Sand boarding is best done on a dry day with little wind. It was windy when we were there, so it was rather unpleasant having sand blowing in our face. And I didn't dare to snap as many pictures as I wanted to, as I was afraid the sand would clog my camera and damage it.


Oh anyway, you can even do some wheelies on the quad bike here. Saw some people riding it. But I didn't know if the bike were their own or rented from somewhere.

We went back after everyone's tired and had no energy to climb up that dunes again. Had dinner at Victoria Park (there's a number of halal restaurants here) along the Albany Highway.
Great outing indeed!

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