September 20, 2010

Western Australia Roadtrip: Eat, Pray, Love

I've read numerous Western Australia roadtrip stories on the travel forum, and always wanted to do one. But thinking that I'd be there alone made me changed my mind. The thought of driving alone along remote areas scared the shit outta me.

Traveling solo is fine with me given that the public transportation of that place is superb, or it's a big city. Other than that, I prefer not to take the risks. Explains why sometimes I am so brave traveling alone overseas, but rejected the ideas of exploring some states in Malaysia on my own.
So, I literally jumped for joy when Nadia suggested that we went for a roadtrip around Western Australia. And the route she suggested was exactly what I wanted to cover! Talked about lucky stars again. Sometimes I think I am so lucky when I travel, maybe I should just continue my life traveling around the world.

Do an Elizabeth Gilbert. Her story was very inspiring. Step out of my comfort zone. Ditch everything, quit my job and go travel somewhere. A journey to self-discovery. And maybe, just maybe.. during the journey, I'll meet the love of my life. Would be an interesting story for my future children eh? How i met your father. Nice!!!

But things are easier said than done.

So, stop digressing Rara!

Back to the roadtrip..

Planning one really needs a lot of research. You have to consider the route, the accommodation, the activities, and most importantly, time and budget. After calculating the cost and weighing the effectiveness, we decided to rent a campervan from Wicked Campers.

Our route was the one I highlighted in bright yellow, covering a distance of almost 2000km in 7 days. O_o

That was definitely one wicked journey of a lifetime...


My name starts with M said...

how i met your father hahahhaha cool cool.. eh ni trip yg dah terjadi ke belum ni?

fatt said...

omg..u dah taip psl perth while myself tak taip lagi. its almost anniversary dah ni, pegi bulan 10. hihihi ;p

rara said...

mas: dah terjadi la.. bulan 3 haritu pergi.. cerita basi dah ni.

fatt: biasa la tu.. my HK trip tu pon, after 1 year baru siap semua cerita. hehehe..