November 13, 2010

Bye bye PBIM

Received my courier 2 days ago. But I'm just gonna keep it.

Oh yeah.. I chicken out to do the big FOUR TWO.

So, I ran away flying to Turkey.

I'm in transit in Doha now for 19 hours. I've been to Qatar last June. Damn it was bloody HOT, the temperature reached 50 degree celcius. So I didn't really enjoy the trip.

Thought the weather's gonna be cooler this time and I can walk leisurely around the Corniche enjoying the city view. But unfortunately, it is still hot. T_T

So, what's best to do during the scorching hot weather? Head to the shopping mall of course.

And now I'm blogging from City Centre Doha shopping mall. hehe...

Anyway, going to Turkey tomorrow morning. See ya later alligator!


fatt said...

hi rara,
i just got back from perth..its sunny, weather totally superb, cloud is very a bit hot la..huhu..
beb, can i just link ur blog to my entry coz ada org tanya psl perth and i belum plan nak taip lagi. i nak suh dorg tgk route yg u buat to consider their itinerary. tqvm...and happy holiday! :)

Madam Sooyaree said...

waa.. enjoy cuti cuti turkey!

rara said...

fatt: oh yela.. now dah nak dekat summer kan? no prob on the link.. tapi i punya entry pon tak detailed sangat.

narif: thanks. memang tgh enjoy ni :D

June Malik said...

rara, u didnt not chicken out, u did the right thing ,..going into 42 not enough training wd be tough ..

rara said...

kak june: yeah i did the right thing. balik sini jetlag teruk. memang tak boleh lari.