September 16, 2010

Japan : My Disney Moment

was ruined!

By my bloody camera!

The shaking attack happened again right after I took this picture.

So, there goes my Disneyland trip memory. I have to solely depend on my brain now to remember it. If one day I lose my mind, I've no more recollection of this trip! T________________T

I only have the ticket as a proof that I've been there. FML

And it was super hot and super crowded (I forgot it was still school holiday season) that day!!!

But Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, so it was still a fun day out. Especially the Midsummer Night's Panic show, where I won a lottery to watch it at the central viewing area.

I got soaked after the show, but had a really good time dancing and singing along as water, fire and laser lights took over on the Lilo and Stitch show.

So I've covered both Tokyo Disney Park - Disneyland and Disneysea.

And now it's another 2 Disneylands to conquer!

I went through my Hong Kong Disneyland folder again and watched the fireworks display video. Good memories indeed!

Here it is...



fatt said...

rara, mana lagi berbaloi..disney HK ke Jepun? HK punye besar ke tmpt dia? myself pegi smpai pintu je..hahaha.. ;p

rara said...

disney HK kecik je fatt! better pergi tokyo punya.