September 17, 2010

Missing Japan!

Now is the raya season I should savor the raya mood.

But I miss them! :(

1) Ice cream during the hot summer night

2) Yummylicious Japanese food.. nom nom nom...

3) The efficient transportation system. How I wish I don't have to drive to work anymore...

4) The office.

5) The good times I had with my Japanese friends.

6) The scramble crossing in Shibuya.

7) Everything about the city

I so can't wait for AirAsiaX to be flying there this December. Woot woot!

Moshi moshi Japan!!! 


p!nkerton said...

wah efficient betull! (merujuk kepada gambar no 3) :D

rara said...

fatih, tu baru JR lines. kau tak tgk lagi the whole system bila masuk subway ,metro, monorail, shinkansen etc.. memang super efficient!