September 5, 2007


I dreamt of going to Disneyland since I was small. But when I have the opportunity to go, I chose it's sister instead, the sea. My superior said you can go to any Disneyland in the world, but this one is special, only in Japan. And my other colleague has already gone to Disneyland in his previous trip. So Disneysea, here we come!

Met them at Kamata and then straight to Tokyo Station. From here we have to take the Keiyo Line, almost sesat la looking for the platform. It's wayyyyy down bawah tanah. Seriously. Turun underground.. then turun lagi dan lagi.. I think it's 5 floors beneath.

Arrived at Maihama Station at 9.30am.. from there we can walk to Disneyland but if you wanna go to Disneysea, it's better to take their Disney Resort Line. This monorail is super cute, with disney's character everywhere. From the window to the holder and the decorations.

Upon arriving at Disneysea, we can see Disneyland from the train. Okay I will go there next week/trip. tapi sampai ke sudah tak pergi coz takde geng :( I asked my x-schoolmate yang study kat Japan to go with me but she said 'I went there too many times already..' and my superior also has already been there a few times.. Luckily ada orang lain yang pergi Japan same timing with us, if not tak jejak la kaki kat Disneysea ni. For me I have no problem pergi sorang but tak best la kan n sapa nak ambikkan my pics??? hahahha...

Bought the tickets at 5800 yen. if u convert it to RM, it is equivalent to rm174. hoho..

We arrived just in time for the meet n smile welcoming parade.

Luckily we came at the right time coz they've just started their 10-month 5th anniversary celebration. Yeayy!!

See the queue for one of the attraction? And the stroller parking? hehhe.. The Japanese is very disciplined. They even have a proper place for smoking. You can't simply light up ur ciggies during jalan2.. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas where ashtrays are provided. I wonder how's it like if Malaysia is to impose this rule?

Arabian Coast.. previously I got an email with photos of Disneysea's Arabian Coast n a lot of ppl have been fooled to think that this is Dubai's Disneyland

Mermaid Lagoon

Mediterranean Harbor

American Waterfront

It's their new attraction - Tower of Terror. It opened on the 4th of Sept. So can u imagine the long queue of people to try this attraction. I was at the 2.5 hours waiting line.. So we decided to leave the line.. We just couldn't afford to waste our time on that.. huhu.. Banyak lagi banda lain nak try!


Around 8 something, everybody already pancit. hahahah.. Masa sampai semua cakap nak maximize the time.. sampai tutup.. Sekali dah tak larat.. So we went shopping for souvenirs aje la.


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