May 13, 2010

Hala Abu Dhabi

Ask the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to your friends, chances are their answers will be Dubai. Abu Dhabi, the real capital is not as famous as Dubai, but it is the richest city in UAE. Hence, explaining why they can bail out the heavily-debt neighbouring emirate late last year.

one of the world's tallest flagpoles

As we arrived in the morning, the best thing to do for the day was a relaxing activity. So we decided to just chill out at the shopping mall.

Our hotel is very convenient as it's situated on the main road. For AED1, just hop on bus route 5, 8 or 54 to go to all the interesting places around Abu Dhabi.

What I like about the public transportation in UAE is that they prioritize the ladies. It is usually very uncomfortable for the ladies to ride a bus especially during rush hours, because it is too crowded to move and sometimes those hamsap guys like to take advantage of the situation. But thanks to the priority seating at the front side, they can now travel in peace.

OK, so we headed to Marina Mall. You can get all the designer brands here; Chanel, LV, Gucci, Coach.. just to name a few and what's important is that all these designer items are a little bit cheaper than KL! No wonder they call Abu Dhabi/Dubai is the shopping heaven (for the rich).

We found out that Rihanna's concert was gonna be held on New Year's eve.. but too bad la kan all the tickets were already sold out. *frust*

If you wanna have a fantastic view of Abu Dhabi, go up the Marina Mall Tower. You can go up for free but the lift will bring you to Cafe Columbiano. So faham-faham je la kalau dah masuk cafe tu takkan nak snap gambar and terus cabut. hahahhaa...


The views from the tower....

the mall


 It always amused me to read all the European/American brands being spelled in Arabic. hehehe...

homes of the rich

the Yacht Club

Just a short distance from Marina Mall is the UAE Heritage Village. It features the souqs, mini museum and you get to see what life was like for Abu Dhabi’s Bedouin.

souqs & workshops

spices & attars

old well and irrigation system

Next to the village is the Abu Dhabi Theatre, one of the most modern performance venues in the UAE.

Finally, have a walk at Breakwater, enjoying the sunset.



My name starts with M said...

mun! wah lama giler aku tak jenguk blog kau.. nway u r looking goooood!!! traveling and running sgt menarik!! p/s: jacket kau sume cantik giler kot dlm entry ni!! :)

rara said...

let's organize trip pegi mana2.. rindu weh nak travel dgn the chickpeas!