May 3, 2010

Ahlan wa Sahlan!

It means Welcome in Arabic.

I was among the lucky passengers who had the chance to fly to Abu Dhabi with AirAsiaX as the route is now being suspended. The journey wasn't that bad. I mean, we know how AirAsia is. Expect total boredom and a dreadful 7 hours+ flight with no entertainment, no food, and crammed seat. But thank God for this route they used the new Airbus. The leg space is bigger and the seat is definitely much more comfortable.
Had Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak to kill the time. ;p

The flight landed at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the second largest airport in the UAE.

From the airport, if money is not a problem for you just take a cab to the city for AED70. Otherwise, a cheaper option is to wait for the bus outside Departure Terminal for AED3.

Abu Dhabi is definitely not suitable for backpaking as this city is regarded as the second most expensive city in the world after Moscow. I couldn't find any hostels in the city so had no choice but to stay at a hotel. The cheapest deal in town still cost me AED300 per night though. T__T

Stayed at Novotel Centre Hotel. This hotel is situated right at the heart of Abu Dhabi city.

 lil sis and I

Yeah lil sis is way taller than me. T_T But the best thing is, I am always mistakenly thought as the younger one hahaha.

For AED300 per night (the rate might be different depending on the season), this is what you get.

We took the standard room and it is quite big. They even gave a complimentary welcome fruit basket for us. But what's important to me is they provide free Internet access.

The TV's default channel is the airport's flight departure and arrival notice. hahaha...

The hotel is very convenient as there is a bus stop right at the front of the hotel. For a flat rate of AED1, you can just hop onto the bus and go to all the places of interest around the city.
view from the room

Hamdan Street