March 2, 2010

Penang here we come again

The registration for PBIM 2010 has already started and the event will be held in November. Woahh...cepat gila! But anyway, kudos to them for the great job. Early preparations mean they are committed to organizing a great event, no?

Even the KL Marathon which is scheduled on my birthday hasn't started anything yet. 4 months to go and the only information I know is the website will be up and running on 15th March.

I had a good experience running the 2009 PBIM, so no questions asked whether I will participate in this year's event or not. The only question now is, which category should I register myself in? I'm contemplating registering for the full marathon category. 42.195km. O_o.

But based on my experience from the previous half marathons, I don't think I can reach the finishing line. Leg cramp is my biggest enemy. Okay maybe I can finish it, but I'll arrive maybe after 10 hours. LOL..


June Malik said...

hey rara .. kak june pun dok contemplate, hence belum register .. nak buat sama2?? cramps is also my no 1 enemy lah ..

Axiao said...

hey count me in too..i wanna run in half for this time...maybe kl marathon also target for half...then another one in singapore (maybe)...ehhhe

rara said...

kak june - tu la.. still thinking ni.. nak join half or full. nvm, we still have until april to think. hehe

axiao - jom jom!! let's go to penang. me also wanna do one in singapore. unfortunately, the sundown this may already full. so maybe the stanchart lo.

June Malik said...

fikir jangan tak fikir .. i will let you know oso :)

Lybeau said...

bestnya.... are you joining...go for it rara... xxoo