March 6, 2010

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Disneyland or Ocean Park? Having to choose between the two is always a dilemma for the tourists coming to Hong Kong. If I were to choose, of course I would go to Disneyland, hands down. It's the happiest place on earth okay. lalalalala~ But Ocean Park has its fair share of attraction too. It's a combination of marine park, amusement park and zoo. Jimat duit all combined into one.


Entry fee is HKD208. Quite reasonable for a whole day of fun!

The park comprises of 2 areas, the Summit and the Waterfront and this longgggg escalator connects both of them. Another option to go to the top is to ride the cable car. But I missed it!!! T_T Because I was a kiasu and wanted to try and do everything, I took the escalator to go up and planned to ride the cable car to go down. BUTTTT... after watching the Sea of Dreams show it was around 5ish and the park will be closed at 6pm. So I hurriedly walked to the cable car terminal, but much to my dismay, there was an announcement saying that the queue was super long and visitors were advised to take the escalator down. T_T

The Summit, where most of the major attractions are, is basically situated on top of the hill so it offers stunning views over the surrounding city and the South China Sea.


Knowing me, I'd definitely head to the amusement park first. hehe.. Now, imagine riding a roller coaster with a speed of 77kmph, on top of the hill - spectacular view but at the same time very scary right??? That's The Dragon for you.

 the Headlands rides.. the Dragon is the blue roller coaster

Another roller coaster, the Mine Train.

And then there's The Abyss Turbo Drop, a thrilling experience of rapid descent. 

 space shot... weeee!!!

Next is Raging River, for those who wanna get wet. 

now still can camwhore.. still dry.. hahaha


And many more rides...

Crazy Galleon

ocean park tower

view from ocean park tower

I was so busy playing all those rides until I forgot about lunch. I only had this yummy ice snow while resting and watching people screaming at the the top of their lungs.


Okay time's up for amusement rides. Now, let's go to the zoo there's a lot that we can do. haha...

Firstly, there's the Pacific Pier where we get to see the seals and sea lions. 



isn't he cuteeeee!!!!



Another area of the park that's not to be missed, the Atoll Reef, a 4 level aquarium with big and beautiful fishes.

adorable sea lion..awww he's looking at me!

nemo and friends

giant stingray

oohh.. now i know how fish sleeps

erkkk.. I dunno what are they

There are so much more to cover, but I'll end my entry here and let you go yourself. :D

Oh before you go back, make a way to the souvenir centre. The toys are so damn cute I feel like hugging 'em all!!!



cutie panda

This park is definitely a must go place if you have a lot of time in Hong Kong. Just stop at Admiralty MTR station and take Exit B. There's a special CityBus No. 629 that will go straight to the Park. The ride is only HKD10.6. You can also buy the park ticket there. Save time from queuing at the entrance later.


 bus 629 from Admiralty bus station

I will post the Sea of Dreams video later when I know how to. ;p

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