December 18, 2009

Shenzhen hostel

After going out from the ferry terminal, I asked a few people for the direction to go to the nearest Shenzhen Metro as the hostel I intended to go was located nearby one of the stops. They suggested that I took a bus and showed me which bus to ride.

When I boarded the bus, I was worried though as I didn't know exactly where should I stop. So I showed my hostel map to the bus conductor and asked her for any landmark that I should ring the bell for the bus to stop at. The girl was so nice she said leave it to her, she would notify me once we reached my station (in a sign language as she couldn't really speak English). I was so touched and relieved by her kindness I almost cried. -___- Seriously, in a time like that, lonely and lost, an act of kindness from some strangers really means a lot to me.

So I stopped at a bus station nearby Qiao Cheng Dong MTR station. The fare was RMB2. It was quite cheap as the journey was more than 15km from Shekou Ferry Terminal.

I was going to Shenzhen LOFT Youth Hostel. Luckily I printed the map and just followed the route from the main road to the hostel. Walking from the MTR station to the hostel was approximately 15 minutes. Anyway, that was another gamble as I haven't book the hostel room.

And lady luck was on my side as they have an empty bed for me.

The hostel reception

common area

my bed

The room given to me was a 3 bed sharing room and I paid RMB65 for it. Very cheap and very comfortable. The toilet was clean too. Plus they provided free PC with Internet at the common area and there's a supermarket situated just right beside the hostel.

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