December 11, 2009

Northam Hotel Penang

OK. This is The Northam All Suites, as promised.

View from the nearby Starbucks.. our lepak port..

The hotel is situated at one of the most happening place in Penang, the Gurney Drive..Very near to Gurney Plaza and all the good foods in Padang Kota.

My room was a Junior King Suite. Using the company's corporate rate, I can get it for RM190 per room. Very cheap kan?

Study area

Living room

2 beds.. but I'm all alone in the room

Make up room

Jacuzzi.. yeah! 

If you wanna use the jacuzzi,  let the water runs for at least 4 hours. I thought the water would fill in fast, so I waited and waited and waited... until 2 hours and the level was only half the mark. And to make it worse, the silly me turned the knob to hot. So when it was almost full, I went to see it but suddenly I felt something hot on the floor. I was boiling water in the jacuzzi! hahaha... So there goes my night. When I woke up the following morning, the water was still hot but it's bearable. 

The lobby

Swimming pool

So tempted to jump in, but it's already close. haihzz....

Morning view from my room at 26th floor

Again.. the swimming pool.. 

Overlooking the sea



Maharani said...

bole guna rate rara tak kalau tom p sana?? hahaha.. eh! ini serius.

rara said...

nak kena tunjuk staff ID la tom. rara kena ikut skali pi cuti la.. haha

Aan Andes said...

Wahhh thanks for this review! Wanted to try the suit since it is so cheap kan (even at normal price, mana nak dpt room with jacuzzi at 260!). Been planning to stay there this coming new year. Penang jom :)

rara said...

hehe jom jom! But I'll be going there earlier la, for hari raya.

saltvinegar said...

nice! i wonder how much for government servants?

saltvinegar said...


rara said...

saltvinegar: not sure about the rate for govt servants.. but i think must be cheaper?