November 28, 2009

Unwinding at Eastin Penang

I chose to stay at Eastin Hotel during the marathon as it is the nearest hotel to Queensbay Mall. This is the latest addition to the ever growing number of hotels in Penang. They've only started their operation on the 12th Nov 2009.

When I made the reservation, they assigned me a hill-view room. I was disappointed as I prefer sea-view rooms. But anyway, I just accepted the offer as I didn't have other choices. Better take it or risk not having a room at all. There are 17500 participants for the marathon and I bet the rooms are filled in fast.

But maybe it was my day when I arrived, not only they let me checked in early at 12pm, they also gave me sea-view room. Yeay..

The oh-so-comfortable plush bed...

32" LCD TV hanging on the wall.. nice! and also free WiFi..

The promotional room's rate is RM200++ per room per night during PBIM. But I think the room is quite small, I felt like I was in Japan. Maybe I felt so because I compared it with Northam Hotel. I stayed at Northam Hotel during my business trip last month and the room was so damn big but I the company paid lesser. I'll show you how big the room is in my future entry (kalau rajin la.. ;p)

Camwhoring in the toilet!

The view from my room at 9th floor.

Not so nice actually because of the rooftops but at least I've got to see the sea and Jerejak Island. Calming effect to my tired brain. You could also see the bridge at the left side. Damn my camera doesn't have the wide angle mode. Now longing to buy a DSLR...haihhzzz....

Can you see it??

Walking distance to Queensbay Mall.

The hotel is at:
1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-612 1111, Fax: +604-612 1199


Gallivanter said...

Yeah I heard about this new hotel, though I think the location is a tad too far from my favorite spots near Tanjung Bungah / Batu Feringghi. :-)

rara said...

yeah.. it's far from Batu Feringghi/Tanjung Bungah. I guessed their main target is for business users coming to the FIZ.