November 8, 2009

Macau Sightseeing part 2

It was almost 4pm when we continued our sightseeing. Next on the must-go map is the Fisherman's Wharf.

Without signboards showing the direction to go there from where we were at Guia Hill, we just gambled the walking route, heading to the seaside as according to the map, the theme park is located at a reclaimed land near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier. Had our late lunch in a local restaurant along the way.

Thank God the weather has cooled down, I was almost burnt by the hot sun. You can see the damages in my pictures.

 The ferry pier

The Fisherman's Wharf is a theme park and the admission is free! Inside there you can find stores and restaurants in buildings built in the style of different world seaports such as Cape Town, Amsterdam and Venice, and of course the roller coasters and other fun rides.

Anyway, much to our surprise, the theme park was very quiet. Maybe because it was on a weekday or maybe because it was already late afternoon, I wasn't so sure. Apart from the staffs, I could practically count the visitors. We had the park all to ourselves.


The volcano at the back there will erupt every evening. Too bad we couldn't wait to see the eruptions as we planned to go to Venetian that night. 

Entrance to the Aladdin's Fort..

When in Rome...

Restaurants in the theme buildings..

Beautiful Holland...

We went back to the hostel to refresh ourselves, and got ready to party. lalalala~

Macau at night is simply gorgeous. Just take a stroll along the road and you can see all the hotels and casinos basking in the glow of the night lights.

The Grand Lisboa hotel and casino. I like it's unique architecture.

One best thing about all this casino is that they provide free shuttle bus from some pick up point. This is to lure the gamblers to come to their casino. If you're smart enough, you can take advantage of this free shuttle bus to get around Macau for free.

But, some casinos are smart too. They know a lot of people just wanna have free rides so they will ask you for the tickets. You can get the tickets when you gamble at their respected casinos. But if you're coming from the Ferry Pier or Airport you can use this service, provided you know the nearest casino to your place of stay.


The plan was to ride the free shuttle bus from Grand Lisboa to the Ferry Pier and then hop on another free bus ride to Venetian. However, it was ruined as the staff asked us for the tickets. Dang!

So, we waited for the bus. Do note that the bus fares in Macau are fixed at MOP$2.50, $3.20, $4.20 and $5 and there will be no bus conductor to give you change, so use the exact amount. We paid MOP$5 each to go to Venetian. HK$ is also acceptable.

Among the hotels in Cotai Strip, in front of Venetian

We had fun at Venetian until the wee hours of the morning, all enjoying our last night in the city as the next day, we would depart to different destination. I would continue my journey to China, Fieke and Bjorn would fly to Bangkok while Michal would be going to Hong Kong.


paulinevoon said...

whoaaa.. how can i miss the opportunity to go to Macau. Air Asia has flights to macau, and it is so affordable.. next time i must consult u first before going to macau.. can ah? ^^

rara said...

no prob sis..i mmg biasa jadi travel consultant for my frens.. hahaha..