November 13, 2009

Last day in Macau

I've decided to take ferry to Shenzhen in the late afternoon. So after bidding goodbye to each other, I was back on my own while the others went to the ferry pier and the airport.

With no purpose, I just headed to the Grand Lisboa since it's the nearest landmark from the hostel I could think of and I haven't had the chance to really examine it. I only see it from afar the day before and during night time.

It is the second tallest building in Macau, after the Macau Tower. Unique but at the same time, kinda weird design. It was inspired by the lotus but why I couldn't see it eh? I am really bad at architecture.. hahahha... But anyway, I liked it because it's design is one of a kind. Lain daripada yang lain.

The sun burnt me.. woahhh.. Macau is sooo hot man!! See my red face... looked like udang bakar.. T_T

So I went in and walked around the casino, learning and picking a thing or two from the games. Come challenge me in Texas Hold'Em Poker in FB.. hahaha..

Continued my casino exploration in Wynn.. it's situated just across the Lisboas.

 And take my own sweet time cuci-cuci mata at the designer stores.

Then it's time to go to Macau Tower, I had a mission to do. But still, it's a 50-50 mission. A part of me wanted to do it, but hell it's too scary man!!! Am I that brave? Is it really safe? Not forgetting the expensive fees. But it's once in a lifetime experience. Too many things were going in my head at that time.


If you watched Amazing Race Asia 3 in Macau leg, you'll know what was I talking about. The Roadblock where the teams' task was for one member to bungy jump off Macau Tower, which is the world's highest commercial bungy jump.

Not only bungy jump, but the Tower also has a few other adventure activities, all operated by AJ Hackett.
So when I reached the Tower, I was still contemplating, to do or not to do. I went to the AJ Hackett counter and asked about the slots. The guy at the counter said they had a vacant slot in 30 minutes time. Gulp! I was speechless.. hahahah.. because it was way too early my brain hadn't make a decision yet. The guy noticed that I was panicked undecisive and he said, there's a jumper in 5 minutes time you could go outside and have a look first.

So I went outside and watched the jump...

and decided I won't gonna do it. I watched the jumper jumped and in just a blink of an eye, he's already on the rebound. I think it's too expensive for just a few seconds of adrenaline rush. Not that I didn't know the jump would be that superfast, it's just that it didn't register in my head. I needed a reality check.

The full package for the jump would be MOP2088. That would be around RM1000. Just for that??? If the price is cheaper, let say RM500 I might just go for it. But RM1000 was just too much because I know in New Zealand it's way much cheaper, around RM400. Of course la it's cheap because the jump is shorter but I guessed let me start with a shorter one first.


Outside the Tower.. the Macau-Taipa Bridge. Oh yeah.. the Tower is situated just next to the seaside. So you have a very beautiful view of Macau before the jump.

Anyway, I didn't go up the Tower because it was quite hazy that day I thought it's not worth it.
After camwhoring for a while, I took the bus and went back to the hostel. It's time to make a move to the ferry pier.

Managed to get the ticket at 4pm.

Boarding time...


Another dizzy ride... 

I arrived safe and sound in Shekou Ferry Terminal around 5pm. Huanying ni lai Zhongua!


Axiao said...

DO the bungy jump in thailand..i think it's the least expensive of all bungy jump in the world..

anyway, i think sunway is coming soon with the bungy...considering the money spent for travelling, can opt to jump in sunway..

terror ha u go jalan alone...i still not dare to go alone...must have 2 ppl at least

rara said...

haha not terror la.. i still afraid but have to fake the confidence. cannot show it..

ya.. i heard about the bungy coming to sunway sometime back.. but then senyap dy.. dunno the progress..