November 14, 2009

On track...

Finally I succeeded in dragging my fat ass to the gym last week to start my training for the marathon. Managed to run 7km in an hour. Not bad eh? Hopefully I can keep that pace, and finish the race in 3 hours. Still 30 minutes ahead of the time limit. 

Luckily the organizer extended the time limit this year. Usually it is 3 hours for half marathon. But it's good news for me because I know I will be among the last to arrive. hahaha..  

Received the courier yesterday. Now I can't wait to fly to Penang!

But I was worried though, because next week is very crucial, as the big meeting is coming again right after the weekend. Wonder if I have enough time to train and whether I can make it to the office on Monday. Mana la tau kot pengsan 2 hari lepas lari tu... huhu

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