April 27, 2009

Run for your life!!!!

hahaha.. no lah. Just run for fun and run for good health. And run to challenge yourself.

Hey do you know by telling people what you wanna do, you're making a commitment and getting support? So I just wanna tell you guys that I've registered for the 10km marathon. Please support me. hahaha ;p

At first I wanted to sign up for the 5km fun run but then I changed my mind coz I felt that it would be too short. My current personal record at the threadmill is 3.5km in 32 minutes. Can that be counted as a record? Kasi can la beginner's record. hehehe... If I can run 3.5 km in 32 minutes and keep that pace, I can finish 5km in less than 50 minutes. Wouldn't that be too short? Lari sekejap je dah habis. *Berlagak seyy.. * --> Time limit dia 40 minutes pon tak sampai ada hati nak berlagak ;p

So I challenged myself to run for the 10km category. 10km only mah. It's not that far. ;p

The overall route. 10km marathon's route is the one in light blue color

The time limit for 10km is 1.5 hours. So I've gotta train! 61 days to go!

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