April 21, 2009

Bandung... again???

Upon arriving at Stasiun Bandung, I called Me'lah and Mas to ask their whereabouts but couldn't get through. I texted them, but after almost 1/2 an hour waiting, both of them still didn't reply my SMS.

All efforts calling them were to no avail. I dunno how to contact them anymore, it's either my phone problem or the network roaming problem. After a lot of thinking and consideration, I diverted to plan B. I already booked a room at Rumah Ebo before the trip just in case things like this happen. So Plan B is spend the night at Rumah Ebo, then only figured out how to reunite with the girls. Last resort, jalan sendiri jugak la... kat airport nanti of coz akan jumpa balik.

I went to the exit gate and still thinking. Now, how to go to Rumah Ebo? I know that it was situated within walking distance to Jalan Dago. OK.. maybe I'll just ask anybody on the street which angkot to ride. Tapi Jalan Dago tu panjang! Where should I stop? Pening pening...

When I reached the gate to the main road, there was a taxi parked nicely in front of it. The driver quickly went out and asked me where I wanted to go. I asked him back whether he was gonna use the meter or not. Ade la beberapa minit we argued on the meter issue. So in the end, aku pon malas la so terus chow.

I'd rather ride an angkot. Then jalan depan sikit baru noticed there were a few blue bird taxis waiting around 50 meters from where I stood. Pelik jugak why the blue birds tak tunggu betul2 depan gate train station tu. So I told the taxi driver to go to Rumah Ebo. But luckily on my way there, I got the text reply from Me'lah saying that they've just finished their lunch/dinner at Simpang Raya and now heading to Rumah Mode. She asked me to meet them there. So I asked the driver to go to Rumah Mode instead of the other Rumah. Macam kena pusing jauh coz he's just about to take the Jalan Dago exit. Nasib dia tak bising. hehehe. Fares around rp30000 jugak.

I still remembered that last year, I went out from Rumah Mode with a few paper bags. Borong sakan. Believe it or not, this year I walked away with only 1 .. yeah 1.. not 1 paperbag but only 1 crop jacket. I guess the shopping maniac in me has slowed down. heheheh...

We checked in at Progo Hotel around 10pm. This hotel is located at Jalan Progo, very near to Jalan Riau dekat junction Heritage/Summit FO tu. Took the family room, rp400000 for 4 person including breakfast. Very good deal. Hotel was OK laa... considering the price we paid kan. If you wanna book the room, just call +62 22 4206249.

Started day 2 at Bandung with a shopping spree at Pasar Baru. I noticed that the sellers at Pasar Baru dah berlagak sikit. Dulu2 kalau diorang bukak harga we could bargain until 50-70% off. Now nak dapat kurang 10% pon susah. And dulu kalau kita dah bargain then diorang tak agree, kita buat2 nak chow diorang sure akan panggil balik and agree dgn harga kita.. now jangan harap la. kita chow dia buat tak heran je coz ramai lagi customer lain.

Petang sampai malam tu sambung shopping kat FO along Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau...

In between tu sempat gi Roger's Spa. Agenda wajib setiap kali pegi Indonesia sebab murah! hehehe...

Took the Strawberry Spa package which consists of aromatheraphy massage + body mask + body scrub + sauna + milk bath for only rp385000. For privacy, add another rp25000 for VIP room. I also had manicure and pedicure for rp130000. Totally relaxing and rejuvenating!

Malam tu planned nak try De Cost Seafood ke, Dapur Sangkuriang or Rumoh Makan Raja Melayu tapi dah nak dekat 10pm kedai dah nak tutup. So I suggested Karemba Resto, sebab tengok gambar kat Internet macam menarik. The food not that bad. Balik tu jalan sikit then buat u turn dah sampai hotel. Laaa..... rupenye dekat je.

Last day in Bandung, on the way nak pegi airport sempat singgah Collector Parfum. Dia ada list of perfumes yang dia tiru almost the same smell as the original brand, so nanti kita cakap je nak yang mana dia akan prepare the perfume for us.

I bought 3 perfumes, but for testing purpose I only bought the smallest bottle. Harga dia rp10000 je so kalau bau tak long lasting ke apa tak la rasa menyesal.

Pulang dulu yaa.... next year gwe datang lagi :p

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