December 2, 2008

The smiling moon :)

I witnessed an amazing view last night.. a smiling moon! Subhanallah!

Perhaps it's a sign that despite a lot of bad things happened lately, the economic problems, wars etc, God is reminding us that there’s always a million reason to smile..

This is a rare astronomical phenomenon known as “Conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter”. The 3 brightest objects in the sky form a smiling face. From what I read, this phenomenon will not recur until 2012 but some say 2036, not sure which one is correct though. 
From our eyes, they look close to each other but the truth is they are billions of light years apart. Light from the moon takes 1.3 second to reach our eyes, light from Venus takes about 8 minutes while Jupiter that we saw is the previous 48 minutes!

However… don’t just got amazed from the scenery. Please think of the Power of the Creator – ALLAH.

While I was taking this picture, suddenly a car passed by. Ada 1 perempuan dgn anak dia, diorang turun and ambik gambar jugak.. hehe

I thought my sis and I yang jakun sibuk dok ambik gambar, rupanya orang lain pon terpesona jugak dengan the smiling moon ni. Lagi pulak baca paper today ada pasal this phenomenon.. and it's seen all around the world! and I thought memula it's just bintang biasa je.. only today I know it's Jupiter and Venus.


ms ja said...

munnnnnnnnnnn u caught it on cameraaaaaaaa.... my whole BIG family mcm jerit2 "bulan's smiling" berkali2 esp the kecik2 nye cousin la. exactly mcm org senyum kan? subhanallah :)

tapi bila carik camera, all three batt mati. so am mintak-ing izin to curik ur pic here :)

rara said...

hehe amik laa.. tapi gambar tu tak cun la pasal malas nak gi amik tripod!

en_me said...

chanteknyerrr.. ada dalam buletin utama tv3 malam kelmarin.. salammmz

YaNti ArShad said...

hai lalaland,

dapat blog u from en_me. i pun amik jugak gambar smiley moon tu... ada dalam blog i, mailah singgah tengok.