December 31, 2008

ABBA-solutely MAMMA MIA!

I arrived at Istana Budaya just in time at 8.25pm. A lot of people are still at the lobby. After taking the tickets from my sister, the PA announced that the musical will start in 5 minutes. So everybody rushed to enter the hall.

I went to my seat at the front row. It was behind the orchestra. Not behind la, it's actually up behind. The stage was about 10m from my seat. Good coz I could see the stage clearly without somebody else's head disturbing my view.

The musical began with a medley of ABBA tunes, to get the audience warming up. I was so excited coz I couldn't believe in a couple of minutes, I'm about to watch the most popular West End musical. Then it started with Sophie singing, before posting invitations for the 3 men who could possibly be her father. I like her voice. But I think on overall, her singing was overshadowed by her mother, Donna coz she got to sing the boom songs. 

My friend said the musical is almost similar with the movie. I haven't watched the movie. I've downloaded it long time ago but busyness took my time away. Nahh it's just an excuse. hehe. Actually I have this habit of downloading movies/dramas but never watch it. Same case as buying magazines and never read it. But I guess it's good coz I was anxious to know what's next through out the show. What would happen after this scene? Who is her real father?

The finale was ended with a repeat performance of Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and one-more-song-I-dunno-the-title by all the casts to a standing ovation by the audience.

Young and old, everybody's clapping, singing and dancing to the songs.

All the casts definitely gave a world class performance. They performed very well, their acting was brilliant, the dances were very well choreographed, the props are simple but very nice and I needn’t say more about the music. ABBA's songs has always been my favorite tunes. Dancing queen, Thank you for the music, Money money money, Knowing me knowing you, I have a dream...

Given chance, I would surely watch it again and again. But sadly, according to the musicians (the orchestra people) yeahh we had a chat after the show! woot wootttt!, they aren't going to come again in the near future. But they have Singapore on their list. So guys, start saving!

Mamma Mia! This is definitely a great party to end the year.


Okay.. NEXT!!

This coming February 2009, Enfiniti pays tribute to LOVE, and celebrates valentine's month with the story of the legendary love of the heroic warrior Hang Tuah and the mythical princess of Gunung Ledang.

I've watched all musicals by Enfiniti, those 2 seasons of PRTM and PGL. So this is gonna be my 3rd time to watch PGL. Dah kira die hard fan ni.. hehe. DS Tiara is soo gonna give me free tix if she ever reads this. muahahahha....

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