January 1, 2009


After having a blast celebrating 2008 at Siloso Beach Party Singapore, I opted to go low this time around in welcoming 2009. I was too lazy to go out coz every part of KL is for sure jam packed. At 11.45pm suddenly my mom and sister said they wanted to watch the fireworks. So I went upstairs to call my dad who is already asleep, told him mommy wanted to go out. Daddy was lazy at first but finally he just followed. Terasa macam zaman remaja pulak pergi tengok bunga api with parents. hehe.

So off we went out at 11.50pm. At first I suggested we go to Bukit Melawati but daddy drove to MRR2 instead. We took AKLEH tapi jam tak bergerak kat atas tu. And the clock strike 12am.

So we watched the fireworks from KLCC, Bukit Bintang and Dataran Merdeka lighted up the sky from inside the car. We could also see the fireworks display from Genting Highlands! So nice! It lasted for about 5 minutes or so . After the toll, terus buat u-turn and head back home. hahaha.

HAPPY 2009 peeps!

This morning we ushered the new year with a healthy lifestyle.

The whole family went jogging + bersiar2 at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. When we arrived at around 9am, the area was unusually full.

Rupanya ada Joran Pembuka Tirai 2009. Nice.

We jogged and walked and watched people fishing. But I couldn't help but felt yucks! because I read in the newspaper just a couple of days before ada jumpa mayat kat tasik tu.

Oh there's also an outdoor gym facilities. Great! I should come here regularly.

We head back home at around 12pm. As today is also my sister's birthday, we went to have lunch at Secret Recipe. Balik rumah terus rasa mengantuk and landing sampai 10pm. Ye lah because it's abnormal for me to wake up early in the morning during holidays. But since it's new year, I am giving it an exception.

Oh what's with the title? That has got to do with one of my resolution.

As usual new year mesti ada new resolution , so entry poyo pasal new year resolution mesti ada. I bet most bloggers out there every year mesti ada entry pasal last day of the year, pastu recap pejadah sume la, new year new beginning or new year resolution. hahhaha.

OK la utk membuatkan ia tidak nampak poyo, I dun want to call it my resolution, but as my things to do. eh kejap, bukan ke sebenanye makna dia sama. ahha whatever.

Let's join the poyoness. Mari lihat to do list saya for 2009. Ada yang lama ada yang baru tambah. Yang lama tu sebab malas jadi berkurun la dia tak di cross from the list.

1. Lose weight. I wanna weigh 50kg by June. And to that I've bought dumbell utk exercise at home di samping berazam nak pegi gym everyday. I just hope that I can control my eating.
2. Finish the unfinished Japanese lesson. I am stucked at lesson 6/30. Haiyaaaa....
3. Control my money spending and have more saving (So that I can go to Europe in 2010 ;p).
4. Banyak lagi tapi malas nak tulis. Tulis banyak2 tapi tak buat pon tak guna. Buat penat tulis je.

It's new year already. Thus it means school holiday is almost over. I enjoyed the smooth ride to the office these school holidays. But sadly, my happiness is coming to the end. Come January, MRR2 will be a nightmare again. How I wish school holidays are forever.

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