January 1, 2008

Singapore : Sentosa Island

Continuation from here ...

If only we brought extra clothes for the party or at least find a spot where we could sleep for a while.. we didn't have to waste $3 on the admission fees to re-enter Sentosa Island. But nevermind, we had a good sleep at the hostel and woke up feeling fresh!

Bought the Sentosa Choice Package at $39 - this includes 5 attractions and Sentosa Island admission by bus or monorail. We chose Luge&Skyride, Sky Tower, Images of Singapore, The Merlion and the Cable Car ride.

Luge & Skyride... I think next time I wanna take the unlimited ride.. the luge race was fun!

Images of Singapore

The Merlion

Carlsberg Sky Tower

The Cable car

Continued the day at Orchard Road. Again!

Nasi Ayam Penyet Ria @ Lucky Plaza yg sangat delicious!

Orchard Road at night during Christmas~New Year was so happening. 

As usual, Hard Rock Cafe is in my 'wajib' to go place coz I collect the shot glass.

Back at Clarke Quay.. nice view!


beebeep said...

oh my... kite pun ade kat singapore time nihh.... nape yek tak terjumpa awak cik rara... hikhikhik..


rara said...

hahaha mmg ler tak jumpe sbb masa tu kita mana kenal each other lagi beep..

beep said...

ehh rara pergi bile?? bukan new year 2009??.. heheheheh silap tahun ye... patutla rambut still panjang... hiks.. :P

rara said...

tu new year 2008 la ;p
eh tapi beep ada pegi singapore jugak kan 2008? new year ke? dgn sis bbpie n amoinye.