December 31, 2007

Singapore : New Year Celebration!

Went with my colleagues to celebrate the new year 2008. The trip was F.U.N! Enough said.

Chose to go by train as I didn't want to waste 5 hours of journey in a bus. Yes I know the train is slow and the travel time is almost 10 hours! But at least we travel at night and arrives there early in the morning. Talk about maximizing the day. The sleeper has already been sold out 1 month before the new year. So we were left with no other choice but the additional train - the normal seater cabin.

Met my colleagues at KL Sentral at 9.15pm. The train was scheduled to depart on 10pm.. but unfortunately it was delayed for 2 hours! We departed around 12.30am if I'm not mistaken. I couldn't really sleep throughout the journey coz it's a seater.. so uncomfortable to sleep coz my neck hurts.. huhu.. tido2 ayam je.. tido kejap2 terjaga..

We arrived at JB around 8am.. I thought we were way earlier than scheduled arrival time. Ingatkan kejap je lagi nak sampai Singapore.. sbb seberang tambak je.. skali lama gila dia stop kat JB tu.. and then when it finally made a move, we had to stop at Woodlands to stamp the passport.. then baru gerak ke Tanjong Pagar station.. arrived at 10am jugak! ciss..

Train station yang old skool..

Went to our hostel, Summer Tavern which is situated at Clarke Quay area.. very convenient I might say because it's very near to the MRT and many other attractions..

So after checked in and rest for a while, our first destination of coz la Orchard Road!

Huhh.. kalau kat KL, pernah ke ada macam ni?? ni baru Coach.. the queue for LV is wayy longer..huhu..

Anyway, I didn't buy anything at Orchard, jalan2 n survey2 only.. hehe

Aiskrim roti...yummy! $1 only..

Hop on hop off.. a must try! Especially if you can sit on top of the roof.. I didn't ride it tho.. coz I think it's quite expensive.. considering the bus route is only Orchard Road!

Next, the agenda was... New Year Countdown at Siloso Beach Party!

We came at 8++ and it's still empty..

Foam party.. wanted to join in the fun..but we didn't bring extra clothes..

We missed the New Year Countdown coz we were at the toilet.. hahaha .. but overall, the party was da bomb!

Zaim if you're reading this, dance gaya bawak lori tu is soo funny ok!
And one more thing, I still remember all of us lari macam orang gila coz nak catch the last train back.. hahahhaha...

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Lavanduleae said...

long-q at Coach... apa ntah lagi LV yer... it shows that 'most' of Singaporean mampu even expensive...