September 5, 2007


During my interview to join **, the interviewer asked me, 'is it OK if we send you to Japan for business trip?'. I still remember my answer, 'That would be a good experience'.

So when my chance came, I really took time to study about travelling in Japan coz it's like sambil menyelam minum air. hehe.. I went there for work but I can go sightseeing on weekends. It's like a paid holiday la ;p. I can save a lottt coz if I were to go holiday in Japan on my own, it will cost me a bomb since everybody knows that Japan is one expensive country.

Went there twice already, both with my superior.
What I can say about Japan is .. I LOVE JAPAN and the people! Even though most of them can't really speak English, whenever you ask for help, they will try to help even they have difficulties to explain it. hehehe...

And one more thing I like about Japan is the public transport. Their public transport system is so convenient. Every place is connected, either by Japan Railways (JR) or the monorail. And the ticketing system makes my life easier. When you are not sure of where to go (or in my case: dunno how to read Japanese), you just pay the minimum amount and at the station where you intend to stop, just use the fare adjustment machine to top up the fare.

And the culture.. it's unique!

Since the company only gives us 10000 yen daily for accommodation, we chose (actually my superior chose it cos she already stayed there a few times and she likes it better than other hotels) outer Tokyo area. We stayed at Toyoko Inn Kawasaki, a budget business hotel chain. Only 15 minutes to the office if we take the express train.

My office building in Shinagawa. I like this area.. if they wanna post me for year pon I dun mind.. hehehe

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