May 1, 2007

Indonesia : Jakarta - Bandung trip

Thanx to Bajai, we had a pleasant stay in Jakarta and unforgettable experience in Bandung. Stayed at his house, so we saved a lot on our accommodation and transport. Bawak duit for shopping je!! hehehe.. His family is nice, trying to fulfil whatever our request (nak try makan murtabak la, nak pegi sana, nak pegi sini).. His mom even accompanied us to Tanah Abang, tolong tawar menawar.. thanx auntie! And not to forget their cat! So very d manja with me.. ;p

Waiting for the Busway.. I think it's unique. The system is like our LRT only that theirs is a bus!

Having fun at an indoor theme park (forgot which mall)

Sate Padang.. yummy! Sate tu mmg sedap or tpt dia yg 'sedap'? hahahha...

Jakarta Central roundabout. I dunno what's that statue behind us.

my travelmates.

Since Bandung is only around 2 hours drive from Jakarta, so Bajai pon bawak kitorang pegi sana. On the way tu his mobil ade problem. Bad luck kot kitorang ni. Huhu.. 

Stayed at Bumi Sawunggaling Hotel. This hotel macam terceruk sket, almost sesat jalan kaki to find our way to Dago. But actually it's a good experience coz we learnt to use the Angkotan Kota (Angkot). Very cheap.. every ride only cost us around rp1k~2k. If you want to stop, just say 'kiri'. hehehe.. 

Met Mas punya kawan, Panji of Syuga.. he showed us around town. Then since mobil Bajai rosak, we went back to Jakarta by cipaganti. the fare is only rp60k. quite cheap I think!

Rumah Mode. This is definitely the most beautiful FO in Bandung. The items here pon best!!

Our 1/2 hour tour at Chihampelas.. killing time while waiting for our cipaganti to Jakarta.

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