September 5, 2007


Yokohama.. another beautiful place in Japan.
Went sightseeing around Yamashita Park with my superior.

Paid 800 yen to get on this Cosmo Clock 21. Standing at a height of 112.5 meters, it is one of the largest ferris wheel in the world. I rode it alone coz my superior has already rode it before. Ni yang tak best pergi with orang yang dah banyak kali pergi coz they weren't as excited as you..

In the evening, a fantastically illuminated world is presented. A grandly illuminated display and looks like fireworks is presented every fifteen minutes. And, the total illumination of the wheel changes according to the season. The colors include fresh green-yellow in spring, a vivid blue in summer, a chic gold in fall and a stylish pink in winter.

Osanbashi Pier

Yokohama Bay Bridge

Yokohama Bay


Yokohama Marine Tower, it's the tallest lighthouse in the world

Hikawa Maru - the last surviving Japanese ocean liner and the only one to survive the Second World War.

Yokohama view at night.. simply beautiful!

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