September 5, 2007


Ueno Park-Ameyayokocho-Akihabara-Tokyo Tower

Went with Abg Mat cos my main agenda was Akihabara and he said he wanted to go there after buying the golf club at Ameyayokocho.. so ikut saja laaa..


We alighted at Ueno Station.. and went sightseeing around Ueno Park.. Ueno Park reminds me of the movie 'Para Para Sakura'. hehehe.. There are lotsa street performers on weekends.. and they are talented i tell ya!

Passed by the Ueno Zoo .. but decided not to enter coz it surely will be long and we have a lot more places to go! hehe..

This street is like Petaling Street in KL. Can get everything here.. handbags, shoes, jackets and best of all, golf club from as low as 100 yen. Super damn cheap! Ok laa kan for practising.. memandangkan semua kat office tgh gila main golf skarang..

Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki.. (Eki means Station).. but I didn't buy anything here coz I dun like the wording.. tak best lah Uyeno Eki.. I want Tokyo! hahahah... Sungguh mengada..

Continued the day to Akihabara, the Electronic Town. If you are a gadget person, you can't miss this place if you come to Japan. So many shops = so many choices. rambang mata weh dunno which shops to enter first.. I had a mission here.. to buy Nintendo DS for my brother and a PSP for his fren.

On the way to Ueno, Abg Mat told me 'if you wanna go to Tokyo Tower, turun kat sini' when we were at Hamamatsucho Station. So on our way back, since it's still early I decided to be adventurous and go to Tokyo Tower alone cos Abg Mat was too tired already.

I walked almost 5km? Dunno the distance but it's quite far! My only direction was the tower itself. I just focused on where it was and walked towards it until I reached Zoujouji Shrine.
Quite a nice shrine but I'm too afraid to take pictures coz it's already dark and there were graveyards next to it. From the shrine my journey was easier coz there were signboards to Tokyo Tower.

When I reached the main junction at the Tower, there were groups of people taking pics so I joined them. From here actually you can get a good view of the upper part of the Tower.
I tried a lot of pose but all tak cantik coz my help was only a tripod. So when I saw 2 Indian guys having difficulties taking pics of themselves I offered myself to help (so that they will help me in return.. haha). So starting from that, we went to the Tower together.
I didn't go up the Tower coz for me it's not worth it to go up at night.. and I can get higher view of Tokyo for free from Tokyo Metropolitan Government office. for this Tower you have to pay 820 yen to go to the Main Observatory and from there if you wanna go to the Special Observatory you have to add extra 600 yen.

Then it's time to go back but the 2 Indian guys suggested that we went somewhere for a drink..
eventhough I tried to be nice by declining politely, they kept on saying let's go! While walking back to the train station, I gave them a lot of reason including 'tomorrow I am working I have to go back to the hotel early' but they still insisted . But when they said you can overnight at our place, that's it! Kena lari ni.. bahaya woooo!!! Maybe their intention was good.. but who knows kan. I just have to be extra careful..
Rule no 1: Never accept drinks from strangers.
So when we arrived at the station, I gave them my business card, buy a ticket and walked away quickly. Luckily they didn't follow me.. huhu

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