September 5, 2007


Metropolitan Government Office - a twin towers standing at 243 meter tall. It has on observatories on the 45th floor of each tower but I think the view from the southern tower is nicer. And the best thing is, it's free to go up there. Furthermore, the tourist information centre is situated on the ground floor of this building. So I took the opportunity to collect as many brochure as I can for my reference. :) Oh btw, I walked from Shinjuku station to here dgn kaki yang bengkak (that's the result of walking too much with a wrong shoes!), so I walked really slow, making a few pitstops along the way.. pity me.. It's quite far but luckily the underground tunnel makes it nearer. But still, I think I walked more than 5km to reach there!

My visit to Japan won't complete if I don't visit this building.. hehehe..

Fuji TV HQ building.. very futuristic! Admission is free except for the observation deck (500 yen)

Hello New York? ;p

the beautiful Rainbow Bridge

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo. My journey to look for this Tokyo HRC on the 1st time was adventurous. You see, most of the time I travel alone so I very much rely on maps to go everywhere. After alighting at Roppongi Station, supposedly I turn right and head towards the Tokyo Tower. But unfortunately I didn't see it so I took the wrong direction. I walked quite far, looking for the landmark - the McD coz HRC is situated next to it. From the review I read on virtual tourist it doesn't seem too far from the junction, so I stopped and asked a group of young guys to help me. They didn't know but one of them still wanna help me so he used his GPS to look for it but to no avail. Then it started raining.. tak lebat sangat so redah je.. I walked until I almost gave up. Mase tu duduk kejap kat tepi kedai and opened the map. suddenly I felt like crying coz penat, hujan, sakit kaki, sesat etc..
then datang this one pakcik asking whether I'm OK or not.. he tried to help but he also don't know where HRC is. Finally I decided to turn back and head towards the opposite direction. Reached the junction but I won't surrender my mission, so jalan laa lagi and finally jumpa pon! Around 5 minutes walking je from the station. Mmg tersalah direction. Cissss!!!

For those shopping freak, this is the place for you. hehehe.. Garden Walk - Makuhari Factory Outlet. It is situated near the Disneyland. Got lots of factory outlet! Adidas, Nike, Levi's, Hush puppies, Osh kosh, Kate spade, Cole Haan, and best of all, COACH!

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