December 24, 2020

Tiarasa Escapes

My feet is itchy so it's time for another cuti-cuti Malaysia. I wanna go out of KL but not too far away. Also, somewhere that is not too crowded, peaceful and relaxing. One place comes to mind and that is none other than Tiarasa Escapes. Another kayangan place but why not hahaha. 

The drive to the resort took me less than 45 minutes from home. Just follow the signboards to Janda Baik from R&R Genting Sempah. After about 8km of winding road, you will reach a junction and see a welcoming arch on the right. Take that right turn. From the arch, just drive uphill passing by TanaRimba and Elektrisola. Turn right after the Elektrisola quarters. Google maps confused me and made me turned right to the quarters. The actual road to Tiarasa is after the quarters. It's a small junction, and the signboard is rather small so just remember to turn right after the quarters. Drive straight and you'll arrive at this secluded and serene resort. 

There's a few types of accommodation available; you can choose between the 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms safari-style tented villa or the treetop villa. 

safari-style tented villa

treetop villa

We chose the Rajah Brooke tent, which can fit a group of 4 persons. This tent has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a lounge. There's also a fridge, portable airconds, ceiling fans, electrical and USB outlets just like in hotel rooms. #glampinglife

There's 3 Rajah Brooke tents and we got the one facing the pool. OK la since I brought my nephew so he can hit the pool as much as he wants. If you want privacy, you can ask for the other two which is facing the stream and the jungle. Might be scary at night though. But there's light so no worries la haha.

After check in, just relax for a while and get ready for tea time. We were supposed to have picnic by the river but it was drizzling so they sent everything to the tent. 

assorted kuih-muih

mee goreng

Everything was delicious!! Especially the cekodok and samosa. 

For dinner, we went with the add-on BBQ dinner. You can also have it privately at your villa (with additional fees). The BBQ was nice - we were served with BBQ meats, pasta, potato salad, soup, fruits and cakes but at RM88 per person, I'll skip it next time. Just try for one night is enough la. 

love this cake!

Rasa dining in the rainforest

Actually we didn't know that we could order a la carte at the dining area. I thought we only had 2 choices - either have BBQ dinner on-site or bring your own food/go outside for dinner. But anyway, it's already too late to cancel so we just proceed with the BBQ. 

Ala carte menu.

Next time, I wanna order the Laksa Sarawak and Nasi Ulam. Heard they're good! 

After the BBQ, it's time for bonfire. 

                                                   toasting marshmallows                                                   

Or you can cozy up under the stars watching movies with their Moonlight Cinema experience. There's no movie night for us since it rained earlier and looked like it's gonna rain again later.  

True enough, it rained once we were back at the villa. Cool night, frogs calling.. we slept soundly till morning. 

It was drizzling when we woke up so there goes our breakfast by the river. Finee.... I'll come again when the weather is better. Breakfast was served at the dining area then. 

nasi lemak for breakfast

soo yummy! 

Other than makan makan makan... we chill.

playing at the wading pool

buai laju laju...

games area

games and event area

Ok jom mandi sungai. 

Back to nature. 

I love it here. Definitely will come again and I definitely recommend this place for your cuti-cuti Malaysia. 


Siti Yang Menaip said...

very nice place kan.. been eyeing this place too and i thought of bringing my mom here too..
tapi dia mesti tamau sebab nanti she will question me macam2 la especially the price. haihhh mak.. maybe la on her birthday ke kan.. nak yang dekat dengan pool jugak takutla kalau jungle2 sngt hahaha..

rara said...

@Siti: Hehehe parents sometimes are like that kan. Mesti bebel kata kita membazir ;p But birthday treat sounds niceee! I'm sure your mom will love it!