May 4, 2018

Visiting the Alhambra

A sprawling 14th century palace and fortress complex, a trip to Southern Spain would be incomplete without a visit to the Alhambra.

I don't remember the trip details cos it was more than 3 years ago hahaha. But I will always remember the beauty of this place.

The Alhambra consists of several structures. The main ones include;

The Nasrid Palaces

Palacio Nazaries, or the Nasrid Palaces is the main attraction, simply the most spectacular buildings in this Alhambra complex. The rooms, courtyards, and hallways.. all were decorated beautifully. The surrounding walls and columns were intricately carved with Islamic calligraphy.

Take a look at the walls' close up. Sooooo beautiful!!!!

Everywhere I turned, I got mesmerized.

Even the ceilings were beautifully striking.

Many of the rooms had windows overlooking the Albayzin district.

Court of the Pond.

The court of the lions. In the centre of the court is the Fountain of the Lions.

Alhambra Alta

Alhambra Alta or upper Alhambra was originally occupied by officials and courtiers.

The Alcazaba

Across from the palaces is the Alcazaba, the citadel and oldest part of the complex. All that remains now are its massive outer walls, towers and ramparts.

Alcazaba's watchtower 

It's not as beautiful as the palace but this is where you'll get the best view of Granada.

Palace of Charles V

The palace is a Renaissance building, commanded by Charles V, the Roman Emperor, who wished to establish his residence close to the Alhambra palaces.

courtyard of the Palace of Charles V 

The Generalife

The finale to visiting the Alhambra is the Generalife. I was actually denied entry into this area cos I missed the entry time. You have to enter the area at specific timing printed on your ticket. I was so engrossed with the palace so yeah.. didn't realize time passed by so fast. I pleaded to the guard to let me in but she just dismissed me. Damn it!

Feeling angry at the guard (and myself), I walked away, heading back to the palace. But the feeling didn't last long cos I found a way to enter it. hahahaha *fist pump*

Just enter from the exit cos there's no guard over there ;p I've paid ok so I must enter it no matter what.

Generalife as seen from the palace

the Court of la Acequia

the garden

The Generalife was the summer palace and leisure home of the royals. So it is the perfect place to end your visit. You can wander the gardens at a leisurely pace, or sit on a bench and take in the wonderful views over the Alhambra and the city.

The Alhambra, along with the Generalife, and the Albayzin district was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

the Alhambra as seen from Albayzin

Opening hours:
Apr 1 to Oct 14 - Day visit (daily): 8.30am ~ 8pm / Night visit (Tues to Sat): 10pm ~ 11.30pm
Oct 15 to Mar 31 - Day visit (daily): 8.30am ~ 6pm / Night visit (Fri & Sat): 8pm ~ 9.30pm
Entrance fee: 14 €
Access: From the city center, take line C3

Do book your ticket in advance cos tickets are limited daily. Also take note on your entry time into the Palace or the Generalife cos once you missed it, you will be denied entry.

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