December 8, 2017

Jim Thompson Farm

We actually had another mission after admiring and posing with the sunflowers in Lopburi. This time, it's a trip to Pak Thong Chai district of Nakhon Ratchasima province to visit the famous Jim Thompson Farm.

The farm opens every year in December until the beginning of January (this year from Dec 2 2017 until Jan 7 2018) so if you're planning a trip to Bangkok this year end, you might want to give the farm a visit. Just like Lopburi, many people do a daytrip from Bangkok.

The easiest way to the farm is by car and journey from Bangkok will take approximately 3 hours. We were from Lopburi so we negotiated with the guesthouse to charter a taxi. From Lopburi, the journey took almost 2 hours.

The Jim Thompson Farm Tour is an agro and eco tourist attraction offering some unique Thai local experiences. 
There are many attractions in the farm;

# Station 1: Cosmos field and organic vegetable garden
Jim Thompson Farm welcomes visitors with pink Cosmos field and herbal and homegrown vegetable garden.

# Station 2: Giant pumpkin and colorful flower field
Absorb nature; the hills, reservoir and the blooming flower field. We spent most of our time here, capturing moments with beautiful flowers and enjoying the 360° views of the field and pumpkin patch.

There's also sunflower field here and many people say the sunflowers here are much more prettier than the ones in Lopburi. But too bad the flowers hadn't bloomed yet when we visited. 

# Station 3: Isan Village
Enjoy the examples of Isan architecture and experience lifestyle, tradition, and culture of Northeastern people.

# Station 4: Jim Village
Learn the well-known and unique silk manufacturing process of Jim Thompson from the life of silk worms that creates natural fiber, drawing the silk from cocoon, bleaching and dyeing, to weaving and screening silk.

# Station 5: Jim Market
End the trip with Jim Market. Here you can buy various kinds of fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, and products from Jim Thompson.

There are plenty of joyous activities that can delight visitors throughout the day. The farm is huge but don't worry, there are complimentary trams (with guides but they only speak Thai with no translation into English) to ferry you between stations. Thank God we had the English brochure that were given at the ticket counter so we had some ideas of things around the farm. 

There is a food court and stalls selling ice creams, snacks etc but you need to buy the cash card in denomination of THB 50 or THB 100 but also don't worry, balance is refundable.

Jim Thompson Farm
Address: Tambol Takob, Amphur Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima, (Korat) Province
Contact: +66 2 762 2566
Opening hours : 9am ~ 5pm daily
Entrance fee: THB 180 for Adults, THB 130 for Children (weekdays)
 THB 220 and THB 160 (weekends) 
THB 280 and THB 180 (long holiday)

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