October 18, 2011

Putrajaya Night Marathon

I officially hate night run. Specifically in Putrajaya. It was so hot mannn!! I think I ran better early in the morning.

The run last Saturday was so bad. No, it wasn't the organizer's fault. It's just that I had a bad run. I suffered leg cramp as early as KM9. Bummer! The muscle cramp came on and off; starting from my calves, then at times moved up to my thighs. Maybe I didn't do enough stretching. And yeah, I didn't take ORS before the run either. My fault, I know.

But I partly blame my work schedule. I was tired because I had to go to the office that day. Working full day on Saturday. So sad right? I left the office at 6pm, then straight away drove to Putrajaya. My office to Putrajaya is quite near, I reached the venue within 15 minutes.

I've never been to any running events that early so I didn't know what to do. My sister and her friends hadn't arrived yet. So I stopped at Dataran Putrajaya and joined the hoardes of tourists snapping photos of the beautiful buildings. hahaha...

Putra Mosque

Seri Wawasan bridge

Istana hinggap

Done with my impromptu photography session, I drove to the parking lot. Finding parking was a breeze too. Changed to my running attire, then I just sit in my car listening to radio waiting for my category to start.

At almost 8pm, I went to the starting line to see the flag off of the full marathon runners. Met my sister after that in front of Perbadanan Putrajaya complex and off we went to the starting line. We were flagged off 20 minutes later.

This year's route was a little bit different from the previous events. We ran on some new routes; the outer loop of PICC, along Precint 9, Lebuh Perdana Barat, the big roundabout, Lebuh Perdana Ehsan and also Lebuh Ehsan. Nice change but I felt like the routes were forever as I were limping! T_T

Putra Mosque

Seri Saujana bridge

Apart from my bad run, the organizer actually did a great job. They had a lot of improvements from last year's event. I especially like their entertainment effort where they had drummers, marching band, radios and live statues at some part of the route. They added the fun and gave motivation to the runners.

What's good is that all 21km finishers got a finisher tee. Yeay!!

Okay.. I take back my word. Maybe I'll join again next year. :D

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