November 20, 2017

Korea Drama Night with Sung Hoon

Fans of K-drama and K-pop rejoiced last month when Korean heart throb Sung Hoon came to Malaysia to meet the fans as part of his Global Fan Meeting Tour.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) hosted the Korea Drama Night with Sung Hoon on 28 October 2017 at KLCC Plenary Hall. 1,200 free entry passes were given away to lucky fans to attend this event.

The actor, famous from his recent hit drama My Secret Romance performed songs together with his label mates from Stallion Entertainment; uprising K-pop group, The King and two rookie actors Lee Pan Do and Ho Seong. Among the songs performed were 'Pumping Jumping', 'My Style' and My Secret Romance's OST - 'You Are The World of Me' and 'The Ocean and You', and Goblin's OST - 'First Snow'.

In between the songs, there were interview and game sessions. During the interview, Sung Hoon told the audience that he is naturally a shy person. But he sportingly did the aegyo (I learned a new word ;p) moves, the Baby Shark song, to please the fans.

"Please don't record this."

So cute hahahaha.

Two fans were picked to play games with Sung Hoon during the game session. But somehow three fans instead of two came on stage. Luckily they have extra set for the gift so all three fans managed to get his autographed photo book and a photo session with him.

The event then continued with Sung Hoon showing his talent in musical Disc Jockey (DJ). He is conducting his DJ activities under the name ROI. For a moment, Plenary Hall turned into a night club as the fans went wild, singing and jumping together haha.

To end the night, all fans who came got a chance to 'touch' Sung Hoon with the Hi-Touch session. To avoid any controversies whatsoever, he wore a glove to respect the Muslim fans. How thoughtful!

To be honest, I didn't know who he was prior to this event but I attended it anyway to show support to KTO for always being nice to me :) And I enjoyed the show! Thank you KTO and IME Asia for the fun night!

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Lobsang Nima said...

I can see why K Pop is popular in Asia...The Bhutanese youngsters went mad last year...Keep posted!