October 26, 2017

Mount Komagatake

If you wanna see Mount Fuji, the best view can be enjoyed from the Fuji Five Lakes; namely Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko and Motosuko. Out of the five lakes, I've only been to Kawaguchiko as it is the easiest to go.

Other than Kawaguchiko, one can also go to Hakone for gorgeous views of Fuji-san as well as have a dip at the onsens there.

My previous Hakone trip here.

This time around, after some sightseeing around Lake Ashi, I walked to Hakone-en and took the ropeway to Mount Komagatake, a 1357-meter high lava dome created by a Hakone volcanic eruption soooo long ago.

There are buses to the ropeway station at Hakone-en, but they are infrequent and I couldn't find the timetable so yeah.. I decided to walk about 2km from Moto Hakone to the station.

There's several hiking trails to the top but I'll save it for another trip. The ropeway only takes 7 minutes to reach the upper station.

Operating hours: 9am ~ 4.50pm
Fees: 800 yen (one way), 1300 yen (round trip)
Discount available for Hakone Free Pass holders

The scenery on the way up was beautiful! I was so excited as Fuji-san came into view.


upper station

the lonely building

As you go out from the ropeway's upper station, on the actual peak of Mount Komagatake, you will see the Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya, the original Hakone Shrine which is now located at the shores of Lake Ashi.

Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya

These scattered rocks had been used for various rituals in the old days.

Beautiful view of Fuji-san from here. Those ritual ceremonies performed in the old days here were surely performed under its grace as Fuji-san has been thought as sacred to the Japanese.

clouds please go away

A different view of Fuji-san cos I usually see it from lower ground.

Lake Ashi and Hakone golf course seen from the top. Sugoi desu ne!

A visit to Mount Komagatake is totally recommended if you're in Hakone but make sure you go up on a clear day.

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