September 9, 2017

Panda at Zoo Negara

Lately I've been walking down memory lanes...

Went to Genting Highlands which I last visited in 2004.

And last weekend, I went to the National Zoo, which I last visited about 10 years ago. Btw, the zoo is less than 5 minutes drive from my house. So near right?! But my friends are all cool people they only wanna go to the malls, and I don't have little ones to bring.. so yeah that's why I didn't visit it for so long.

I still don't have little ones to bring now but I am an animal person so don't care la just go visit the zoo. Well actually I wanted to bid farewell to the baby panda, Nuan Nuan cos she will be returned to China soon.

If you don't know, the parents Xing Xing and Liang Liang came in May 2014 to mark the 40th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations. Nuan Nuan was born here at the Giant Panda Conservation Centre in August 2015.

Two years has passed and it's time for her to be sent to Chengdu. It's part of the agreement, any panda cubs born here should be returned to China after 2 years :(

It wasn't my first time seeing pandas (I've seen a couple in Ueno Zoo Tokyo last year, both also on loan from China) but I was still super excited.

But I was surprised to see Nuan Nuan has become so big already haha. I was looking for a little panda when I entered the Giant Panda Conservation Centre. I saw two pandas sleeping and thought oh those must be the parents.

Sooo cute!!!

*heart melts*

Then I saw another panda at the other side of the centre. The panda was eating by the man-made waterfall and has its back facing me, and it looked small from where I stood so I thought this must be the baby. Ok you eat first Imma take a selfie with your parents.

I heard the lady standing next to me telling her son,

"Look! The baby snuggled up to her mommy so cute."

I turned to her, in my head I was saying,

"Get your fact right woman! That's the parents doing some pda."

After a while, I turned to the other side again to see whether the baby had finished eating.
Then I saw this.


So this is Xing Xing, the daddy.

And that lady was right sheeshhhh. This is Nuan Nuan cuddling with mommy, Liang Liang.
When did you become sooo big?!

Nuan Nuan sleeping

still sleeping... wake up!!

Anyway, I also visited the other animals at the zoo.

Butterfly Garden (but I only saw 2 butterflies there hahaha)

Mouse deer





Milky Stork, one of Malaysia's highly endangered birds

Spotted deer

the Lion King

He's so skinny and looked hungry... :(


I hope the zookeepers would clean up the algae in the pond so that the tigers can enjoy swimming cos the info board mentions that tigers are water lovers. They always lounge around the water to cool down on a hot day. Ok maybe the tigers don't care about the algae but at least it will look cleaner.



Sun bear

I thought they are kangaroos..

But actually this is Wallaby


Orang utan

There's one area called the savannah. Love the concept where the giraffes and zebras roam freely around the area.

Giraffe & Zebra

Before you go back, can do some shopping at the souvenir shops.

Spent about 4 hours walking around the zoo. Sooo tired by the end of the visit but I was happy! :D

Till next time!

Zoo Negara opens daily 9am ~ 5pm
Entrance Fee: Adult RM44 / Children RM16 (below 3 years old is free)
Refer the website for other information.

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