September 23, 2017

Otaru Canal and the Temiya Line

Otaru is only half an hour train ride from Sapporo. Visitors usually make a day trip out of Sapporo but we chose to overnight here as we're going to Cape Kamui the next day.

Main attraction in Otaru is the Otaru Canal. The canal was built in 1923, as part of the city's busy port to allow small ships to transport goods from the large vessels to the warehouses. It became obsolete once the modern docking facilities were built.

Today, the canal was beautifully restored and the warehouses were turned into museums, shops and restaurants.

so beautiful with the snow-capped mountain at the back

The canal makes for a pleasant stroll during the day, but I think it is too short. I finished a leisure stroll, with stops for some photos in less than 30 minutes.

To enjoy more, perhaps you can go for a 40 minutes cruise along the canal.

Day cruise: 1500 yen (Adults), 500 yen (Children)
Night cruise: 1800 yen (Adult), 500 yen (Children)
Access: The canal is about 10 minutes walk down the main road from JR Otaru Station
Check this website for more info.

You can also check out the warehouses after strolling along the canal. They had been turned into museums, shops and restaurants.

Walking to the canal, we passed the former Temiya Line railway. This line was part of Poronai Railway which was opened as Hokkaido's first railway in 1880. It was a very short route, just about 2.8km between Otaru Station and Temiya Station. The train service was ended in 1985. It has since been kept as a historic monument with its Temiya Station terminal as Otaru City Museum with many trains on display.

peaceful walk

old station

If you have time and enjoy strolling you can follow the track. It runs parallel with the canal so you can walk to the other end before heading to the canal.

shops across the canal 

no photo but I'm a rebel ;p

ish wrong focus haha

Oh don't forget to get some panju. It's the classic sweet of Otaru. And ice cream! Couldn't say no to the yummylicious soft-serve ice cream in Hokkaido. :D

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