September 25, 2017

Cape Kamui, nature at its best

One of the places that I looked forward to visit during this Hokkaido trip was Cape Kamui. It is a very beautiful place but not many people visit it since it is off the usual tourist route. It is located at the northwest end of Shakotan Peninsula, on the west part of Hokkaido.

There are no train lines between Shakotan and the rest of Hokkaido, so you need to rent a car or catch a bus from Otaru, Sapporo or Yoichi.

Bus runs a few times from Otaru Bus Terminal. We took the first bus at 7am. It was a long ride, about 2 hours but you won't get bored cos the scenic coastal road was awesome. As I went during early spring, the mountains were also covered with snow. Love the view!

 beautiful view along the seaside

The bus will stop right at the parking lot. From there, it is just a short walk to the access gate and from the gate it will take around 20 minutes walk to the end, where a lighthouse, the vertical rock structures and stunning view of the ocean stretching endlessly awaits you.

It's a bit of a walk up and down the slopes and steps but don't worry, it's an easy one but remember to wear proper shoes as some of the path are not paved and some spots have loose rock.

If you're driving, parking is free. Public toilets and a small gift shop are also available.

walking to the gate

gate to Cape Kamui and the lighthouse

Lots of photos ahead cos all soooo stunning I couldn't choose. Be prepared to be mesmerized..

the lighthouse

towards the end

overlooking the Sea of Japan

the vertical rock formation

The view was truly breathtaking. The sea had this beautiful shade of blue and green which definitely took my breath away.

The sky was clear in the beginning. But after a while, I could see the dark clouds coming. The winds became stronger. Oh no! Rain, please don't come so soon. Fortunately, it didn't rain, at least until we left. Do note that on bad weather days, the gate might be closed.

We spent about 3 hours there and took a 12pm bus back to Otaru.

Cape Kamui is highly recommended if you visit Hokkaido. It's the highlight of my trip and without a doubt, I will come again.

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