September 18, 2017

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

From Hakodate Morning Market, we decided to walk to Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse.

Hakodate Port was among the first Japanese ports to be opened to international trade towards the end of the Edo period. Several red brick warehouses from past trading days survived the test of time, and have recently been redeveloped into a commercial district. It's a great place for shoppers as there are not many shopping areas at Hakodate (or maybe I didn't explore much).

Besides the typical touristy souvenir shops, boutiques and cafes, the warehouses also features a beer hall, a chapel for weddings and sightseeing cruises around the bay.

We enjoyed walking on the streets and stroll leisurely along the port, admiring the historical brick warehouses and also, had some ootd moments haha. Hakodate is not a big city so the atmosphere is very laid back. And it's still early so there's not many people around.

If you are in Hakodate and have time to spend, this area is a nice place to chill.

* 20 minutes walk from Hakodate Station
* 5 minutes walk from Jujigai tram stop

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m.u.l.a.n said...

Thanks for sharing.. Boleh refer nanti.. Awesommme trip..

rara said...

@m.u.l.a.n: Glad to share. :) Hokkaido bestt!!

Dellilah Hafizuddin said...

ade tempat makanan halal tak kt sini? nk solat kt sini kat mane?

rara said...

@Dellilah Hafizuddin: i tak jumpa halal or muslim friendly restaurant kat hakodate.
boleh makan all the seafood just ask them whether diorang ada letak mirin or not.
pasal solat, i stayed nearby the train station so solat kat hotel je. Sorry can't help much.