September 16, 2017

Hakodate Morning Market, the Seafood Galore

Just a few walks away from Hakodate Station is the Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market).

Held daily from 5am (6am during winter) to noon, you should start your day in Hakodate with a visit to this bustling market. There are indoor shopping area as well as the open market on Nakadori Street.

One of the pleasures of visiting Hokkaido is eating their seafood. That's what tourists from Japan and overseas always rave about when in Hokkaido. The taste, the freshness... 5 stars ok!

So I was excited to see the freshly caught seafood; crabs, squids, lobsters, scallops, sea urchins etc. The sellers are very friendly although most of them don't speak English. I am OK cos I can speak a little Japanese but for those who don't, don't worry cos they will try to communicate with you no matter what hehe.

the king crab was sooo big!!

There's also the famous Hokkaido melon and white corn. The melons are very pricey though. One small slice is 300 yen T_T So I only bought the corn.

the white corn, but it doesn't look so white...

One popular thing to do at the market is fishing for fresh squid. Once you've caught one from the fishing pond, the chef will cut it into sashimi for you to eat on the spot. Price ranges from 600 yen to 1000 yen depending on the size of the squid.

*pix from google

*pix from google

There are also many restaurants in the market area offering fresh seafood donburi. You'll have a hard time to decide what to eat. If you need to google for recommendations, there's free WiFi at the indoor market.

We were leaving for Sapporo in the afternoon and wanted to go sightseeing around Hakodate so we skipped breakfast here.

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