July 24, 2017

Sakura ♥

Alhamdulillah I've been so lucky to have witnessed something so beautiful, the cherry blossom! Been wanting to see it since forever. But as you may know, the flowers only bloom for a week in the beginning of spring so you must plan your travel wisely.

I was in Shanghai and my friend was in Tokyo during spring last year (wanted to go to Tokyo but I got Shanghai ticket for only RM200 yo!). Exchanging whatsapp messages, I told him I was jealous cos he got to see the sakura.

"I wanna see sakuraaaaa"
"Eh China also ada sakura la"
"Ye ke? I thought Sakura is only in Japan"

Hahahahahah silly me! All this while I thought you can see sakura only in Japan.

I quickly googled cherry blossom viewing in Shanghai and the next day, I was already making my way to Gucun Park in Baoshan district, the main venue of Cherry Blossom Festival in Shanghai.

The park has over 12,000 cherry trees belonging to 82 species. Pink, white, red.. it was definitely a feast for the eyes.

And then, I was lucky to be invited by Korea Tourism Organization to visit Gangwon Province in South Korea. I couldn't ask for more when we were brought to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in Gangneung. Yeayyyy!!!

But I always feel cherry blossom is a Japanese thing so I must see it in Japan at least once!

So I flew to Japan a few days after I returned from Korea. It was already mid-April which means my chances to see the blooming sakura in Tokyo is almost zero. In Tokyo, the best time to see them in full bloom is end of March till early of April.

As expected, the flowers were gone when I arrived in Tokyo but I kept my cool. I would be heading to Hokkaido a week later, so still got chance cos sakura in Japan starts from south in Kyushu island going up north to Hokkaido. 

But I didn't have to wait cos I saw this in Kawaguchiko!

Mount Fuji peeking at the back 

Lake Kawaguchiko

Mount Fuji area is colder than Tokyo so the flowers bloom later than Tokyo.

Sighhh...so beautiful!!

Sakura in China. Checked.
Sakura in Korea. Checked.
Sakura in Japan. Checked.

I'm a happy girl! ;)

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