March 9, 2017

Umrah Ramadan : Jabal Uhud & Jabal Rumat

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After the date market, we visited Jabal Uhud and Jabal Rumat.

Jabal Uhud was the site of the second battle between the Muslims and the Meccan forces, the Battle of Uhud which took place in 625 AD and Jabal Rumat is a small hill in front of it.

Jabal Uhud

Jabal Rumat

Jabal Rumat got its name because this is where the Prophet (PBUH) had positioned archers during the Battle of Uhud.

The story goes that the Prophet instructed the archers not to move, whether they win or lose during the battle. However, seeing that the battle was going in their favour, and the Quraisy were retreating made some of the archers took things for granted. They left their positions and went for the booty. This is when the Quraisy noticed the unguarded pass in the rear and made a surprise attack.

A number of Muslims were killed, most notably was Hamzah ibn Abdul Mutalib, the Prophet's companion and paternal uncle. The Prophet himself was badly injured in the battle.

We didn't have time to climb Jabal Uhud so I only climbed Jabal Rumat. The hill is only 20m high so it was very quick and easy climb. Still, you need to be careful of the rocks.

From the top of Jabal Rumat, you can see the surrounding clearly - Jabal Uhud, grave of the martyrs (makam shuhada'), and Sayed Al-Shuhada mosque.

Jabal Uhud and makam Shuhada'

new Sayed Al-Shuhada mosque under construction

I learnt so much from this visit, and especially after reading numerous verses of the holy Quran concerning the battle. Interesting and enlightening.

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