July 6, 2015

Halal Restaurants in Vientiane

I didn't have problems to eat during my trip to Laos cos I found a few halal restaurants in the city that I visited. 

Zabihah website listed a few restaurants in Vientiane so my partner and I chose to walk to the nearest one to our hostel.

We had our lunch at Fathima Restaurant on Fa Ngum Road. It is nearby the night market, just walk along the stretch of road facing the riverfront and you'll find this restaurant.

inside Fathima Restaurant

Can't live without Malaysian food? No problem!

Wanna try local food? Go!

I ordered this mee goreng. Simple but OK la.

There's a few halal restaurants along the same stretch of road so we have a lot of choices. 

I didn't have time to try the other two restaurants. You try and let me know yeah? 

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