December 11, 2013

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

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The weather in Japan changed drastically during my visit. It was snowing on my first day in Kyoto. However, on my first day in Osaka, the sun shone without mercy I could barely opened my eyes.

So what to do under the hot weather?

I went to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan . Located in Tempozan Harbour Village in Osaka bay area, it is one of Japan's most spectacular aquariums.

You can buy the regular ticket, or choose from a few combos. I bought ticket combo 3 for admission to the aquarium and a ride on the giant ferris wheel.

I was thrilled from the moment I walked through this Aqua Gate.

The tank is small, but it was enough to lift my spirits. Can't wait to meet my marine friends!

From the Aqua Gate, this long escalator brought me to the 8th floor, where the main exhibits begin.

Marine life in the aquarium is divided according to regions of the Pacific Rim. From Japan Forest to Monterey Bay, from Antarctica to The Great Barrier Reef and many more. All kinds of sea animals are here; dolphins, penguins, sharks and many more.

 California sea lion

king penguin

 pacific white-sided dolphin

So adorable!!!

Walking through the aquarium, I saw some familiar faces.



giant spider crab


moray eel

The not so familiar ones. Well hello there!

Then, I saw this Common Octopus.

Although its name is 'common', this octopus is not an ordinary creature ok. I learnt that it can change color to suit its mood. It learns new skills through trial and error. And this little creature can lay up to half a million eggs. Woaaa!!

The main attraction of the aquarium is the central tank. Representing the Pacific Ocean, the tank is home to a whale shark, spotted eagle ray as well as various species of the fish. The tank is 9 meters deep, and the walking path in the aquarium slowly spiral down floor by floor around it, allowing visitors to observe the marine life from different angles and depths.

whale shark

Frequently forming large schools during the non-breeding season, is the spotted eagle ray. Saw them swimming together. Macam gangster pon ada. hehe..

But I love this fish. They look kinda cute, kan?

The exhibits end with the Floating Jelly Fish floor. Mysterious creatures, aren't they? Well.. I think they look mysterious. Here's some of the species living in the coast of Japan.

 moon jelly

I went there on a weekday but children dominated the aquarium, especially at the animal feeding spots. I guess it is very popular with the kids. Can't imagine how it must be on weekends!

There are also some stations where you can get a cute animal stamp, but I passed all of them. The queues were quite long. Plus, only kids were in the queues. -_-

Anyway, before going out of the aquarium, let's do some shopping!

I've been to Aquaria and Siam Ocean World so some of the fish are common. But it was still an exciting visit.

The best part of the aquarium would have to be its layout. Visitors walk from the 8th floor, and slowly descending to the bottom level. I felt like I was diving deeper and deeper into the ocean.

All in all, it was worth a visit. You (and your kids) would definitely love it!

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is open all year round, except for some days (refer to the website)
Visiting hours from 10 am to 8 pm
Entrance fee is 2000 yen (adult), 900 yen (students, age 7~15), 400 yen (child, age 4~6)
Access : Take the Subway Chuo Line to Osakako station (exit no 1)


Rei said...

tetiba hati berbelah bahagi ni...sebab ada masa satu hari je kat Osaka.

Apa2 pun masuk jela Osaka Aquarium ni dlm list. hehehe

rara said...

@Rei: Pegi la USJ!! hehe..