November 25, 2012

Skytrex Adventure

I was a Scout back in high school. So we would go camping in the jungle during school holidays or whenever there's a Jamboree. During these Jamborees, we would do a lot of activities to earn badges and I still remember one of the best Jamboree I've ever attended, Selangor Jamboree at Templer's Park, Selangor in 1996. 

Actually I remembered it most cos I was the patrol leader, and I successfully lead my patrol in our races and challenges to earn all those badges. Among the activities we did were Flying Fox, Abseiling, River Navigation, Obstacle Courses, and even Cooking!
 I thought I was the coolest 14 year old girl back then. haha...

I have left all those activities long ago since I finished my high school days. But recently, I relive those days by having some little jungle adventure at Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam.

I signed up for the Skytrex Adventure!

There are three courses for you to choose; Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge. Each courses is a circuit which consists of thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty, ranging from very easy to very difficult.

My brother bought the tickets for me, and he chose Big Thrill. Meh! I would've gone for Extreme Challenge but since he brought his girlfriend to join us, we went for the Big Thrill instead. He paid for my ticket anyway so whatever la.

Skytrex is located inside Taman Pertanian Malaysia so you have to buy the admission ticket to the park first.

It's RM3 per adult and RM1 per child.

Not far from the entrance, you'll spot the shuttle bus to Skytrex area.

The ride only took about 5 minutes, and we're here already!

. Note that you have to book the time slots online, so once you've arrived you just have to present your receipt of payment to check-in.

You can refer to the website for the time slots for each courses and their prices. 


The circuit.

Before we started, the crew briefed us about the safety procedures and taught us how to use and lock the carabiners, adjusting the harness etc.

Then we had to go through a small exam. It wasn't really an exam la, it's an initiation circuit to make sure we understood the theory taught earlier.

Once everybody in the group finished the initiation circuit, we were given the green light to start. So off we go!!!

The circuit is above the ground, taking us from tree to tree via series of obstacles suspended to 17 meters in the air. Sooo.. we had to start the circuit by climbing this ladder! *faints*

  This exercise is all about using good movement technique and especially arm strength. I was sweating like mad as I reached the platform. Pheww... what a start!

the crew monitored us at some platforms to ensure our safety

 Among the challenges were this Crazy Zig-Zag.


It looks easy but actually it's not ok. 

We all agreed that this was the most difficult challenge on the circuit, the Earthquake.

The tube wobbles as you step on it, making it almost impossible to make the next step.

And of course, speed it up with the Flying Fox.

Hey... I survived all the challenges!


group photo

It was so much fun!! I would definitely come here again, and try the Extreme Challenge next.

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